"Pinpoint" Townes

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"Pinpoint" Townes
Interesting choice of tactics... They didn't help my last opponent either.
"There you go, General! I've drawn the line in the sand. Now I dare you to cross it!"
AllegianceUnited States United States of America
RankGeneral, 4 star
"You're not in my class, general. Try an easier opponent."
— General Townes

"Pinpoint" Townes is a four-star general of the United States specializing in cutting-edge laser technology.


He was originally introduced in DYOS V when Stylesrj somehow ended up on the planet Panzer. However, Townes called himself Mobo, the love interest who pursued after Orta in Panzer Dragoon. The plotline was very confusing, but as it turned out, Mobo wasn't pursuing after a teenage girl with white hair, but a middle-aged woman with auburn hair.

In order to salvage what was left of the plot, Stylesrj blew up the entire planet so he wouldn't have to deal with that sort of situation ever again.

Milky Way Milk Plot

General Townes served as one of the Generals who were part of the also-confusing Milky Way Milk plot. He helped build laser defence grids around bases and went rogue a few times...

Hacker Crisis

File:General Townes 2.png
General Townes as depicted in Fallout 3

General Townes made an (un)expected return during the Battle of Chiron as the leader of the Enclave. He dressed up as The Hacker during the later part of the battle in order to fool Stylesrj and Rhiza before capturing them.
His plan almost succeeded, as he managed to capture Rhiza, with the help of General Alexander, but failed to get Stylesrj who fled back into space.

His motives were quite clear - acquire a Stargate and dial the address to Project Titan in order to secure it. It just so happened that Stylesrj brought one.


There is no Enclave Remnant... it has all been a front!

—Townes while dying

Townes died at the end of the Second Battle of Chiron when Stylesrj burst in with the help from Alexis Alexander and fought him in a Final Fantasy styled battle.

Upon death, Townes warned Stylesrj that his motives were actually a front for someone more powerful. Who they were was not explained before he died, thus ending the Enclave Remnants on Chiron.


General Townes likes his lasers so much that he had integrated laser emitters into his eyes, which are triggered by thought.

He also carries a Gatling Laser (Vengeance Category) and has a portable Lazy Beam.

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