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Creator, sometime-contributor and follower of DYOS threads. Like azzaman333, he vehemently despises Stylesrj, to the point that even made a seperate thread called Members Comic Quest during DYOS 7 to try to get rid of him, which failed miserably. Commonly scoped for threads approaching 1000 posts to create the sequels, at least until the moderators began legislating "sequel rights". He also changes his username not infrequently.

Abaddon was allegedly perma-banned and IP-blocked in December 2011.

Formerly known as:

  • -✩-
  • Abaddon (again)
  • Lord Aiken
  • JamesJoneson
  • Aiken Drumn
  • Krul Blackblade
  • slozenger

Usually referred to as "Lord Abasloz" in Kan' Sharuminar's comics.

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