2011 alternate timeline

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With Umbrella Corporation's defeat on Hyrule and the Hacker's split from Albert Wesker, Dr. Richtofen proposed travelling back in time with the DYOS 10/DYOS 10.5 stories to dissuade CivGeneral from joining the war against CurtSibling in DRAW Your Own Story 1.[1] The butterfly effect that followed resulted in the 2011 alternate timeline or 2011A.


This is the timeline which Dr. Richtofen brings in May 5th, 2003 by arriving from 2011 with the DYOS 10/DYOS 10.5 compilation book in hand. Once CivGeneral and his friends from the original timeline witnessed the act of Richtofen going back in time and seeing periodicals changing. CivGeneral and Ayane traveled back to 2003 before any past alterations have caught up with them. Since CivGeneral and Ayane have traveled back in time, there is a simultaneous presence of two Ayanes (her doppelganger imprisoned then eventually escaped) and two CivGenerals (his doppelganger shares the same fate as Ayane). It's assumed that if both CivGeneral and Ayane don't fix the timeline, the ripple effect will catch up to them in 2003 and erase both of them and the DeLorean

The duo is helped by Martha Shepard who due to intervention from Project Titan, was unaffected by the time shift. Unarmed, unarmoured and without a single spell to cast, she too travelled back in time to help solve the problem.

Points of change

  • CivGeneral retires from the Coruscanti Army in 2003
  • CurtSibling emerges victorious in the Spam Wars, crushing the Republic of Coruscant on Earth and conquering most of Europe, the United States, South America, and Japan
    • With the backing of CurtSibling, Palpatine of the Galactic Empire crushes the remnants of the Republic.
  • Perfection owns Africa and builds lots of launch arcologies
  • Pontbridge, Taillenia, and SuBi's Day-Old Bread Barn still exist from DYOS 5
  • Taillesskangaru is still a vitriolic communist dictator
  • Stylesrj never overcame his early-years mindset and has become quite rampant in powergaming and conquests.
  • While not having a place to call home on Earth, the Blood Gulch Empire has many planetary conquests
  • Rhiza Kalanin is head of Talon Company's Necros Division.
    • She's also still married to Stylesrj. Just that he doesn't realise it.
  • Rosalina becomes very evil.
    • She had also thoroughly executed the timeline's Tama Shepard and was quite annoyed to see her (our one).
  • The Eastern Union evolves slightly differently, and is allied to Curt
  • Wesker is caught and killed
  • Most of CivGeneral's friends and family circa DYOS 11 are either killed or imprisoned for life
    • CivGeneral never overcame his inner deamons
  • Due to Curtsibiling's crusade against religion, most gods are dead or in hiding. Prayers go unanswered and Clerics are rendered useless.
    • Warlocks and Sorcerers are unaffected though.
  • Choxorn's Zombies seem strangely unaffected. The reasons why are, as of yet, unknown.
  • Transatlasia, somehow still not under Perfection rule, is largely unaffected by the general changes of the alternate timeline, as it's already somewhat of a dystopia. However, Gruekiller is still Bowie's student, committing atrocities in the name of the dictator. Valerie leads the resistance.