333rd Special Air Service Squadron

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333rd Special Air Service Squadron
Activeright now
Country Australia
BranchAustralian Army
TypeSpecial Forces
Surveillance and Reconnaissance
Offensive and Assault operations
Size12 soldiers
Part ofSpecial Air Service Regiment

The 333rd Special Air Service Squadron, popularly known as the Azzamen, is a special task force co-developed by the Australian Special Air Service Regiment (SASR) and azzaman333. Its official mandate is to combat Stylesrj stupidity wherever it rears its ugly head. The Azzamen appeared once in DRAW Your Own Story 10, "borrowed" by Ross Ray to apprehend Stylesrj for the retrial of Church of Scientology v. Stylesrj; although they captured Georgie Kalanin instead and left just as Stylesrj rejoined the canon.[1]

The characters of the Azzamen were originally intended to be touched upon immediately following Ray's phonecall to CivFanatics,[2] but Thorvald couldn't find the funny and so the second half of the cartoon was excised. Whether or not they may be developed in future threads is yet to be seen.

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