A-8 Tiger

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The A-8 Tiger passing by a destroyed HAW-206

The A-8 Tiger is the latest version of the A-series heavy tank division, adding a Non-Explosive Reactive Armor (NxRA) package to its standard composite construction. An additional Active Defense System enables the Tiger to withstand heavy artillery and missile attacks. Increased engine torque and power-to-weight ratio enable the track-based Tiger additional mobility and improved speed across rugged terrain. The Tiger is equipped with a driver-controlled main cannon and a rapid-fire, high caliber repeater at the second position, providing robust firepower against ground-based infantry and armored vehicle targets.

The Republic of Coruscant uses this tank along with the EW-205 as its main battle tank line. The A-8 Tiger first saw action during the latter end of the Combine-Coruscant War and continues its service to this day.

Some military scholars within the Republic army would consider this tank a super-heavy tank owing to its size and resemblance to its historical cousins in World War II.