All Terrain Armored Transport

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All Terrain Armored Transport
Gangsta Walka.gif
Place of origin Galactic Empire
Service history
In service Since The Empire Strikes Back
Used by
Production history
Manufacturer Kuat Drive Yards
Weight yo momma
Length Shorter than a Ford F-150
Width Not suitable for single-lane highways
Height Won't fit a parking garage
  • 1 pilot
  • 1 gunner
  • 1 commander
  • 2 guys to help back it up
Passengers 40+

Armour Too strong for blasters
2 hevy lazors
  • 2 not-so-hevy lazors
  • Sci-fi horseshoes
Ground clearance I can see my house from here
Speed ~0.2 MPH
Veers' ego
hahaha you gotta be kidding
"Run for your lives! It'll take two years to catch us!"
― A rebel soldier upon seeing an AT-AT

The All Terrain Armored Transport, commonly abbreviated AT-AT, was a lumbering behemoth major component of the Galactic Empire's army. It was one of the most heavily armoured vehicles of the Imperial Army, had a top speed of roughly 0.2 miles per hour, and took three hours to turn around. In fact, it was so slow that it took Lucasfilm's entire animation division to get it to move.

The AT-AT walker was a behemoth of a war machine, standing at a height of 22.5 meters. The quadrupedal walker closely resembled ancient beasts of war,[1] or even a giant legendary beast from the dark side of the Force.[2] Designed for the dual purpose of crushing[3] and demoralizing enemy forces, and also serving as a transport for Imperial troops and light vehicles, the AT-AT was unsurpassed as the most awesome vehicle in the Imperial Army inventory. Its intimidating and powerful presence often earned it the distinction of being the first vehicle into a combat zone.

AT-ATs are the signature weapon of General Veers' command strategy, and were deployed by Coruscant during a number of battles in DRAW Your Own Story 5. Over the years, they seem to have been phased out of military strategy in favour of weaker, but more manoeuvrable conventional combat vehicles, as the high centre of gravity and exposed legs could be exploited to tip the entire vehicle off-balance. Standard Coruscanti military procedure calls for AT-ATs to be escorted by self-propelled anti-aircraft guns such as the M7 Railman. Most of Coruscant's AT-ATs were stolen by Mariko and used by the Second Galactic Empire. AT-ATs had only one known weakness: peanuts.


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