Firmus Piett

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Firmus Piett
Piett btm.jpg
Allegiance Republic of Coruscant
Service/branch Naval Space Ops
Years of service ca. 2006? – present
Rank Fleet Admiral

Pripyat Skirmish
Third Nazi War

HAAAAX crisis

Admiral Firmus Piett is an esteemed officer of the Coruscanti Navy, and one of CivGeneral's Trusted Officers.

Before joining the Imperial Navy, he was chef for the Imperial Army base on Ryloth and held the rank of Colonel. His specialty was fried chicken. He had a son, Jek Porkins while he was there. He resigned his commission and fled after Porkins' birth, joining the Imperial Navy and changing his name to Firmus Piett (his original name was Sandurz) in order to escape his creditors. It is later discovered that Admiral Piett had a run with the Communist Canadian Mountain Police in 1984, resulting in the lost of both of his parents. He used to have nightmares at night, occasionally wetting his bed.

Early DYOS

Piett spent most of his early naval career as attaché to Admiral Ozzel, typically acting as chief negotiator onboard the Star Dreadnought Executor. During DRAW Your Own Story 6, he acted as ambassador in Coruscant's first encounter with the Kingdom of Lym. Piett did not see any strategic importance in the small fleet, and saw little cause not to sink them to end the diplomatic dispute:

Your marginal offer is hardly worth the wait to blow you to smithereens. However, to demonstrate that we have no prejudice toward the heathens, I will relay your message on to my superior.
"He swallowed a bug, sir."
One of Piett's common duties was to account for Ozzel's more aberrant behaviour.

While waiting for a response from the upper echelons, both fleets came under attack by barbarians. Although the Coruscanti fleet was not out-gunned, it was grossly out-numbered, and a kamikaze plane flew into the command bridge of Piett's ship before it could ready the deflector shield. Bjørn hacked the source code of Civilization II to delete the barbarians, thereby preventing the attack; as consequence, Piett believes he owes his life to him. When he re-encountered Thorvald of Lym in DRAW Your Own Story 8, his attitude was markedly warmer.

DYOS 10.5

Some time after the Pripyat encounter, Piett was made commander of his own starfleet. Following rumours of an impending Space Nazi attack on Zebes, Piett was assigned to provide defence of the planet. Although he fought the invasion fleet, General Veers did not arrive in time to secure the ground situation and the Coruscanti expedition was ordered to withdraw.

Piett's fleet later successfully repelled an attempted Space Nazi assault on K-2L, forcing the invasion craft to detour and delaying Hickten's landing on Earth by days.

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