Admiral Kluth

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Admiral Z'zruth Kluth Nator
Admiral Kluth, diabolical leader of the Crinoor on Avalon.
First appearanceDYOS 11
No. appearancesFour or five comics
Created byGruekiller
AliasesScourge of the Six Systems, Blood Drinker
AgeFour-hundred years
AddressZ'sto, Andromeda Galaxy
OccupationInter-galactic Warlord, Crinoor Admiral
ReligionImperial Cult
Nationality Crinoor Empire

Admiral Z'zruth Kluth Nator, or merely Kluth was the admiral and war-leader of the Crinoor fleet responsible for the invasion and occupation of the Avalon system. Though a well-decorated and respected leader, his abject defeat at the hands of Gruekiller has doubtlessly diminished his standing among the brass. He is one of only two Crinoor who survived the destruction of the fleet, the rest having been lured into an asteroid belt by Gruekiller.