Adonis IV

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Adonis IV Asteroid & Base

Switzerplanet has plenty of old bases amongst the asteroids. Some of them would be for sale.

Stylesrj explaining the origins of the base

The current base of operations for Stylesrj's Space Mercenaries.

It consists of a big asteroid with several facilities built within. An external base has also been constructed on one side and a space dock on the other.

The size of the asteroid has not been determined, but it can hold a large company of mercenaries and offices.


Space Dock

Mostly used for large capital ships and suppliers. Ships attach to the side and unload their cargo before detaching and flying away

External Base

The administrative section of the base. It also holds hangars for fighter craft.

Research & Development is carried on in this section, as well as communications. The Blood Gulch Council also meets in the massive Council Room built in the middle of the structure.


This is the main part of the base. Holds quarters for the mercenaries, massive supply rooms and a few offices for the soldiers who don't do a lot of desk work, but need a place to do it.