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"I'm going to start wounding you now.
I'm not sure when I'll stop."
First appearance DRAW Your Own Story 6
Last appearance DRAW Your Own Story 6
No. appearances 1
Species Cat
Gender Female
Date of birth unspecified
Age ???
Occupation Satirist
Nationality Canadian

Aeris is the co-star of VG Cats. She is much more sensible than her friend Leo, but has a short temper and a low tolerance for stupidity. She was part of Tycoon101's crew in his early contributions to DRAW Your Own Story 6, and later re-emerged under Thorvald's influence toward the end of the thread.

Aeris managed to infiltrate Richtofen's secret base, and delayed the activation of the Ban Machine by using the "Picture Proliferator" to spam copies of Tycoon101's avatar. During the ensuing confusion, she sabotaged the device and rescued Perfectionist, and the two quickly fled the base.

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