Age of Empires III

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Age of Empires III is the third game in the Age of Empires series, made by Microsoft and Ensemble and released in 2005. 2 expansions were released in 2006 and 2007, The WarChiefs and The Asian Dynasties, respectively. It introduced many changes from the previous two games in the series, such as the game engine being changed to one similar to the one used in Age of Mythology, the implementation of the Havok physics engine, Home City Levels, and more.

It is set in the time period from the late 1400's to the late 1800's, when Europe was colonizing the Americas. In the original game, 8 civilizations are playable, and the expansions add 3 more each. They all each have a long intertwining story campaign, but unlike earlier games in the series it is not based on historical events.

e350tb has used pics from Age of Empires III in a few of his early comics for DYOS X.