Phillip Grimsby

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Phillip Grimsby
Grimsby onboard Wesker's Hammer, none too happy
First appearance DRAW Your Own Story 11
Last appearance DRAW Your Own Story 11
Created by e350tb
Species Human
Gender Male
Date of birth 1966
Date of death May 3, 2011
London, England
Age 44–45
Occupation MI5 Agent
Prime Minister of New Britain
Spouse(s) Unknown
Nationality British

Phillip Grimsby was a high ranking agent of Military Intelligence, Section 5 (MI5) who provided overwatch for the Free Western Army's operations in the anti-Hacker witch hunt. Little is known about him, apart from that he had been to New Port City, and that he was easily annoyed.

Grimsby showed lack of respect and patience for those under his command. He failed to provide MI5 protection for Spongebob while he was in New Port City, instead leaving to get a drink.[1]

It later transpired that Grimsby was working for the Hacker the whole time. After handing Thomas Bennett over to the Umbrella Corporation, he masterminded a military coup in London, leading to his takeover of the Free Western Army and the reported death of Montgomery. Establishing himself as Prime Minister of the New British Empire, Grimsby declared Spongebob and CivGeneral public enemies of the highest order.[2]

During the liberation of London, Grimsby shot and killed Spongebob.[3] After the loyalist forces regrouped, a devastated Sandy went rogue to track him down herself. A like-minded Scalise caught up with her just as she pursued Grimsby to a dead end. While Scalise is credited with killing Grimsby,[4] Sandy delivered the fatal shot.[5]

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