Alexis Alexander

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Alexis Alexander
My greatest superweapon is my brain! Wouldn't you agree General
"My superweapons are ready. Are you?"
AllegianceGood for you, you can read an icon! United States of America
RankGeneral, 4 star

Alexis Alexander is a four-star general of the United States specializing in advanced technological weaponry and defensive tactics.

Alexis served under Stylesrj's command for quite some time in DYOS V. At one point, she was zapped by Perfection and turned into Alexander the Great.

Alexis was seen in DYOS X.V as an antagonist, taking General Kwai's Baneblade with the help of Dostya.

Past History

Alexis was Stylesrj's girlfriend during his highschool years and a competent science partner.

They broke up however over an incident involving who left the toilet seat up (which was determined to be Stylesrj's fault as Stylesjl had stolen the seat, thus leaving the seat "up") and went back to America to join the Marines and become the Alexis Alexander we know today as the Superweapons General.


File:Fallout General Alexander.png
General Alexander depicted in Fallout 3

General Alexander has been seen again in DYOS XI as the Co-Commander to General Townes of the Enclave.

She was the one responsible for the capture of Rhiza Kalanin. After Stylesrj's break-in she had a change of heart and turned on Townes, only to be assassinated soon after the general's death.

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