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An alliance is an agreement between two or more parties, made in order to advance common goals and to secure common interests. In DRAW Your Own Story, alliances typically refer to inter-state collective defence agreements.

Good Guys

Parties who form alliances with protagonist factions are typically referred to as Allies (capital 'A').

CivGeneral and Co.

Not an alliance per se; a reference to CivGeneral's travelling party, usually consisting of the main protagonists from the current story. (For clarity, it only refers to CivGeneral along with other DYOSers and/or their main characters, and not S.T.A.R.S. teams.)

Europa Universalis

Main article: Europa Universalis

The formal military alliance between the Free Western Army and Eastern Union.

Triple Entente

Main article: Triple Entente

The "New World Order" consisting of the Republic of Coruscant, FWA and Eastern Union.

Bad Guys

Members of opposing alliances are often referred to by derogatory adjectives such as Axis.

New Avatar Order

Main article: New Avatar Order

Headed by the Avatar Supreme Commander, forumers' retired avatars were de facto members of the Order.

Coalition of the Leaderheads

Also known as the LH Coalition for short; headed by Napoléon Bonaparte as a spin-off from the New Avatar Order, and consisted of most, if not all the Civilization IV leaderheads. With the disappearance of Napoléon and his deputy Otto von Bismarck, the coalition disbanded.

Combine Bloc

Main article: Combine Bloc

The Combine Empire, its subsidiary faction the Enclave, and the Greater German Space Reich, and all who dedicate themselves to the destruction of the Republic of Coruscant.

Neutral parties and wildcards

The members of these alliances either have not declared their disposition, or do not maintain one.

Global Defense Treaty

The consolidated administration of the Taillenian Empire's satellite states, abolished since DYOS 6.

Pirate Coalition

Main article: Pirate Coalition

An open-to-all confederacy of pirates, headed by the Dread Pirate Locke.


Main article: North Atlantic Treaty Organization

The military alliance stretching across the Western Hemisphere was rendered all but extinct following the Second Napoleonic War.

Stylesrj's Space Fleet

A coalition of various spacefaring empires offering military support in the form of spaceships and mercenaries to assist Stylesrj in his adventures.
Started after DYOS X, used in DYOS XI.

Alliances of opportunity

The easiest way to win a fight is by grossly unbalancing the odds. So say these guys:

  • kulade allied with the Combine in the hope of rescuing the New Avatar Order.
  • CivGeneral has received aid from Mr. Toyoda's forces on a few occasions and considers him an ally.
  • FDR's terrorist cell worked in conjunction with the remnant Combine forces.
  • The Coruscantis and Imperium reached a tentative agreement concerning the repulsion of the Combine from Arrakis.