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"I'm not being renewed next season? What?"

Alyx Vance is a supporting protagonist from Half-Life 2 and its sequels, frequently seen in the company of Gordon Freeman. Alyx was encountered by CivGeneral and Thorvald of Lym toward the beginning of the Combine Insurgency, where she proceeded to grenade kulade.[1]

Although CivGeneral used Alyx as his forum avatar for most of the remainder of DRAW Your Own Story 10, she was not adopted as his in-story persona. During the thread's conclusion, she was placed in stasis by the G-man after CG adopted Samus Aran as his avatar, allegedly to prevent a resurgence of the Avatar Wars.[2]

Behind the scenes

CivGeneral created the idea of placing Alyx into stasis to prevent a Betty vs. Veronica trope, akin to Lana and Samus chasing Captain N in the Nintendo Comic Series. The reasoning was to avert any love triangle tropes and conflicts in the attempts to win CG's heart.

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