Anatoliy Koldanev

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Anatoliy Koldanev
Koldanev during DYOS 10.5
Nickname(s) "Little Dragon"
Allegiance  Russia /  Eastern Union
Service/branch Army
Rank General
Commands held Baltic Motorized Rifles Division
Brandenburg garrison

Second Napoleonic War
Third Nazi War

General Anatoliy Koldanev is a high-ranking officer in the Eastern Union Armed Forces. He was a member of the occupying garrison in Germany designated by the Treaty of Paris, and was goodwill representative of the Union during Thorvald of Lym's Berlin address.[1] Koldanev is known for aggressive armoured tactics, although colleagues describe his personal temperament as cautious and subdued. Koldanev briefly served as Chief of Staff during the Third Nazi War after Marshal Brusilov took temporary leave for undisclosed purposes.[2]

Second Napoleonic War

Koldanev was one of the front-line Union generals during the early weeks of the Second Napoleonic War. He was commander of the so-called Baltic Motorized Rifles Division, a hasty consolidation of the armoured units of the countries neighbouring the Baltic Sea. Koldanev's unit was successful in repelling Bismarck's assaults, but Thorvald's doppelgängers quickly nullified his gains after asserting direct control of the armed forces and mismanaging his troops. Nevertheless, Koldanev's tactics prevented Napoleon from securing much of the coastline from Estonia northward, territory that would later play a crucial role in the Union counterattack.

With the emergence of the Free Western Army, the Union forces reorganized, and Koldanev was reinforced with two armoured reserves. With fresh troops, he devised the "Tallinn Spearhead", an assault that drove across the Baltic states and in conjunction with divisions further east, led to an encirclement of Coalition forces near Gomel in Belarus. Koldanev's unit then turned west, leading the northward drive to Berlin.

Koldanev resisted the temptation to ride his momentum through to a salient into Berlin, instead halting at the Polish-German border as other commanders caught up. His unit did ultimately lead the parade into the city, where the Union was surprised to encounter a laudatory populace. Koldanev's effective use of rapid armoured assault led to the nickname of "little dragon", reflective of his short stature.

Koldanev's command had only limited encounters with FDR's insurgents, but he was a hapless witness to the destruction wrought in DRAW Your Own Story 10.5. He was thus an eager attendant to Marshal Brusilov's conference with the Free Westerners.[3]

Nazi Insurgency

Following the Space Nazi attack on Poland, Koldanev mobilized his unit along the German border, initially standing by as an armoured reserve until ordered to reorganize in defence of Germany. He relocated back into Union territory following the Allied withdrawal.

In February, Koldanev was made acting Chief of Staff while Brusilov pursued help from private contacts.[2] Alongside Bernard Montgomery, Koldanev helped plan the operation that would come to be known as Ekkehard's Folly.[4] He relinquished command of the armed forces upon Brusilov's return toward year's end.[5]

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