Anatoly Cherdenko

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Anatoly Cherdenko
In Soviet Russia, Colonel Outrank YOU!!
"Does it involve breaking the rules again, Anatoly?"
Allegiance Soviet / Eastern Union
Rank Colonel

Anatoly Cherdenko is a main Soviet character from Red Alert 3 who manages to become an antagonist no matter which side the player chooses. He was placed in charge of a Temporal Displacement project, went back in time, killed Albert Einstein, became Soviet Premier, and then died one of three ways.[1]

Cherdenko may or may not have a hand in Eastern Union experimental weapons research. In DRAW Your Own Story 11, he went back in time using a locally-developed time machine, allowing for conjecture that he may have overseen the construction of the time machine used by Thorvald of Lym to escape Gitmo in DRAW Your Own Story 6[2].

What we do know is that Cherdenko is responsible for deciding the Union's anthem. Alongside General Krukov and Doctor Zelinsky, Cherdenko travelled back to 1993 Helsinki during the Total Balalaika Show. There, he persuaded Aki Kaurismäki to make the Leningrad Cowboys' and Alexandrov Red Army Ensemble's performance of Let's Work Together the "official" Union anthem.[3]

Behind the scenes

Cherdenko is portrayed by Tim Curry, star of such movies as Home Alone 2: Lost in New York as Mr. Hector, Dr. Petrov in The Hunt for Red October, the 1996 made-for-TV Titanic, and various other films.[4] It was therefore inevitable that EA squandered his talent.

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