Anglo–Coruscant–Union Treaty

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Anglo–Coruscant–Union Treaty
Type Mutual defence pact
Context Third Nazi War
Signed 19–22 March 2010
Location London, England
Signatories  Eastern Union
 Free Western Army
 Republic of Coruscant

The Anglo–Coruscant–Union Treaty or ACUT[citation needed] was the agreement that formalized the Triple Entente. It was ratified by all parties either March 19 or 22, 2010, depending on how one interprets the date[1] following roughly a week of deliberation.


Despite its political clout throughout DRAW Your Own Story, the Republic of Coruscant maintained very few treaties solidified in writing. This changed after the Combine–Coruscant War when the nation found itself entwined in Earth-bound politics. Having built its foreign policy on seclusion from the world stage, the Republic was left diplomatically vulnerable, and establishing binding agreements became a new priority.

Until DRAW Your Own Story 10.5, the military pacts Coruscant held with the Eastern Union and Free Western Army were maintained through goodwill rather than contract. With its enemies teaming up, the Republic countered by proposing its own power bloc to present a united front against the invaders. The resulting "Anglo–Coruscant–Union Treaty" was drafted by Spongebob Squarepants (in consultation with Squidward) on behalf of the FWA, Thorvald of Lym of the Eastern Union, and CivGeneral on behalf of the Republic. It was signed and ratified by Thorvald, Spongebob (joint commander of the FWA) and CivGeneral, who was acting representative of Coruscant following Chancellor Roster's assassination.


The general terms of the treaty pledge that each respective nation will come to the aid of its allies should they be invaded. Its articles are further divided into specific conditions for each of the three signatories.

Eastern Union exemptions

During the third round of discussion, the Union submitted a package of exemption clauses[2]; while most of these were minor technicalities, two conditions provoked debate by Coruscant. They were:

  1. that the Union would not assist in an aggressive war by either party; and
  2. that the Union would not consider itself obliged to pledge military manpower to off-planet operations.

The FWA did not consider the first clause controversial, as it was simply a reiteration of pre-established limits of the treaty's jurisdiction. The Coruscantis, however, reacted with outrage, erroneously interpreting that the Union did not consider itself bound to pledge military support in any scenario,[3] essentially absolving it of any responsibility. Given Coruscant's involvement in the Avatar Wars and Combine Insurgency, the suggestion of "to each his own" was viewed as a "slap in the face", and a few diplomats suggested severing ties with the Union and FWA and readopting the isolationist foreign policy of years past. Acting chancellor Motoko Kusanagi defused the situation, asserting there would be no "counter-snub", and called for a re-evaluation of the diplomatic corps given such tendencies toward knee-jerk responses. She condemned the reaction, stating:

I may be the commander of the Pacific Theater, but I will not have the Republic go back into it's [sic] shell. I understand that the Republic is still a neophyte in the world of diplomacy, but we should not act like the whole world is going against us [...] Thank your lucky stars CivGeneral is not around to hear you say that, or he'll really crack some skulls

Kusanagi proceeded to prepare the Republic's conditions, dubbed "Motoko's Proposal", delivered to CivGeneral with senatorial approval. The Union's exemption clause prompted similar redrafts by the other parties.

In response to the second exemption, Coruscant introduced a new clause to reassure its allies that given their level of technological expertise, they would not be called upon to lend support in off-world military operations.

FWA conditions

The Free Western Army made ten additions to the original document[4], two of which carry political overtones. They are:

  1. British nuclear weaponry is to remain "as is"; and
  2. The Free Western Army recognizes Coruscant's claim to the continental United States so long as the Republic does not intervene in Australia.

Coruscanti amendments

"Motoko's Proposal" consisted of four amendments, three reflecting the repeated emphasis on applicability to aggressive war:

  1. The Republic shall assist ether [sic] the Eastern Union and/or the Free Western Army in the event ether one of them are attacked by a third party.
  2. The Republic is not required to assist if the alliance members are the aggressors against a third party nation. Exemptions are made if the third party nation in question becomes hostile to the Republic itself.
  3. The Republic does not expect to see any of the alliance members to aid in an offensive war

The third clause has led to some confusion; while in the context of the preceding amendments, Coruscant appears to release its allies from any responsibility should it initiate war, the ambiguity of the wording has led some analysts to suggest Coruscant pointedly discourages its allies from assisting one another in aggressive operations[citation needed]. The diplomatic corps maintains that the third clause is similar to the Eastern Union's first clause.

War-time specifics

The treaty also features a number of time-sensitive clauses pertaining to the Third Nazi War. Britain retains the right to analysis of captured Space Nazi matériel. Plans have also been laid out in regard to the fate of Germany after the war: the FWA calls for "Free, fair elections ... after liberation", and that Germany will be divided into zones of occupation[4]. The Republic simply states the fate of Germany "shall be decided amongst the three allies". The Eastern Union did not make a statement regarding Germany.