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Animated Comics are unquestionably the rarest comic medium. Only three contributers have made an animated comic, two featured in the DYOS series and one as a tech demo. This medium, like its cousin Cut-and-Paste, features other comic mediums being made into animated comics through the use of animation software. As of yet, there are no hand drawn animations. There have been Cut-and-Paste and Machinima animated comics.

Gogf's animated gif, DYOS 3

File:Gogf DYOS3.gif
(click to view)

Made by Gogf, the short animated gif depicted the defeat of Perfection's avatar horde.

Boudica's Boosims Blasting DYOS Away

(click to view)

Made by TheBladeRoden, it was a short animated comic that featured Boudica's boobs shooting lasers at the DYOS thread, blowing it away. Unfortunately, the image itself was lost since it was part of the Post-DYOS 5 Era and all of the pre-DYOS 10 threads were purged during the server move. Not anymore! All glory to Perfection!

File:DYOS10-DYOS 48.gif
DYOS_48.gif (click to view)

Animated Canadian

Made by Thorvald of Lym, it featured a GIF image that slowly cycled through images of Canadian prime minister Stephen Harper watching television. At first glance it looks like a still photo, until the subtitles gradually change between frames.

Get Down

The tech demo of Get Down (click to view)
Main article: Get Down

Made by CivGeneral. It was a tech demo he posted in the DYOS Consul that duplicated the spazziness found in the original meme. It would later serve as a basis for future animated fight scenes that mirror the bullet dodge from The Matrix.

Stylesrj gets in on the animation game

Fetch me my flamethrower! (click the image and then the image following it to view)

Several animated gifs have been made by Stylesrj to describe certain parts of the plot.
His first was a simple fading effect on Commander Laes after a Falcon Punch attack during a dream.
His second is his reaction to Kevin Rudd being ousted from power. He hears the news and goes into a rage, asking Rosalina to hand him a flamethrower to set the world on fire (a reference to Fallout)

Hitler on DYOS

On July 11, 2010 at 1:55 A.M. GMT, history was made with DRAW Your Own Story's first venture into the motion picture medium.[1] Wondering why Thorvald hadn't made a comic in ages, Adolf Hitler had his cronies scour the threads, but their report was less than satisfactory. Thorvald promises it to be "[t]he first of many"[citation needed].

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