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The Archaeans
An ancient Archaean warrior and his banner.
First appearance DYOS 12
No. appearances 2
Created by Gruekiller
Aliases The Old Ones
The Ancients
Nationality Archaean Empire

The Archaeans were a hyper-advanced race of beings who once ruled much of the galaxy. According to Gruekiller, they came from beyond the Milky Way, colonizing our galaxy more than three billion years ago. Their empire was said to have lasted a billion years, its rule supported by an army of hundreds or thousands of power armor suits.[1] After the mysterious demise of their empire two billion years ago, all of these suits were destroyed with the exception of one, which eventually found its way to Earth. [2]

An Archaean warship above an unknown planet.

In spite of their great antiquity, some legends and knowledge of the Archaeans persist to the present. Archaeologists have spent many decades seeking to learn more, but much information about the Archaeans remains a mystery.


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