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Dune Movie Arrakis.jpg
Story data
Notable featuresSandworms, Spice
AffiliationCorrinoHeraldic.svg House Corrino
The Spice controls the universe. Whoever controls Dune controls the Spice.
— Opening cinematic,
Dune 2000

Arrakis (الراقص ar-rāqiṣ, "the dancer"), informally known as Dune, is a fictional desert planet featured in the Dune series of novels by Frank Herbert. Arrakis is the third planet orbiting the star Canopus, and it in turn is orbited by two moons, one of which has the image of the desert kangaroo mouse, Muad'Dib, on it; the other moon possesses the image of a human hand.

Arrakis is the only natural source of the spice melange, but was of more value to DRAW Your Own Story 10 as the resting place of the Gem.

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