Avatar Wars

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Avatar Wars
They are coming to get you!
Date2007 - 2009
LocationEarth, Arrakis, Space
Republic of Coruscant
Eastern Union
Free Western Army
Cfcicon.png CivFanatics
KoolAidMan.PNG New Avatar Order
Combine.png Combine Empire

Franco-German Forces


Commanders and leaders
Chancellor Franklin Roster
Alyx Vance 7px
Samus Aran
Thorvald of Lym
Maxim Brusilov
Aleksei Guba
Rudolph Krieger
Timmy Turner
Spongebob Squarepants
Bernard Montgomery
Flag of Hokkaido Prefecture.svg Mr. Toyoda
Cfcicon.png Thunderfall
KoolAidMan.PNG kulade
KoolAidMan.PNG Mara Jade
KoolAidMan.PNG "Macbeth"
Combine.png Wallace Breen
Combine.png General Grievous
Franco-German Forces
Flag of France.svg Napoleon Bonaparte
Otto von Bismarck
Cfcicon.png Taillesskangaru
22px Stylesrj
Cfcicon.png Kan' Sharuminar
Cfcicon.png kill fire
Cfcicon.png Judge_Deadd
Cfcicon.png lord_joakim
22px choxorn
Flag of Hokkaido Prefecture.svg Ryuu Tōjō
22px mythmonster2
Flag of the People's Republic of China.png Ta Hun Kwai
CorrinoHeraldic.svg Frederick Corrino IV
and many more...

The Avatar Wars were a series of wars, including the Second Napoleonic War, Combine Insurgency, and Invasion of Canada, during the first half of DRAW Your Own Story 10 that made up the entire plot. The former avatars of CFC'ers suddenly rose up against them with aims of gaining power, some of whom succeded. Masterminding the whole thing was kulade, who wanted to gain control of CFC via Thunderfall, then gain control of The Gem's power and rule the universe.

The Chronicle of the Avatar Wars

Rise of the Avatars

The initial uprising occurred spontaneously as avatars ambushed their users worldwide. Fates varied widely: Love, choxorn and Thorvald of Lym managed to escape; mythmonster2 and CivGeneral were captured; and unluckiest of all, e350tb and Judge_Deadd were killed. Stylesrj and Taillesskangaru were pursued relentlessly all the way into space.

Following the shock success, kulade emerged as the ringleader, rallying (most of) the avatars together under the New Avatar Order to finish off the surviving forumers.

Napoleon Redux

Main article: Second Napoleonic War

After disposing of e350tb, Napoleon set his sights on the rest of Europe, embarking on wholesale continental conquest with the "Coalition of the Leaderheads". The war led to the first instance of avatar infighting as Franco-German forces confronted the Eastern Union in what would prove a long and destructive campaign.


Main article: Battle of Earth (DYOS 10)

CFC's fortunes finally began to turn toward the end of the year. Overcome with ambition, the Stylesrj Avatar Army split from kulade, leading to wide-scale fighting in orbit above Earth. Around the same time, CivGeneral teamed up with other refugees and struck at kulade's Antarctic headquarters. A massive space battle ensued as Coruscanti loyalists launched a sneak attack on the Avatar starfleet. Rocket's defection turned the remains of the Taillenian Starfleet against the Avatar cause, and kulade was forced to retreat deep into space, his war machine suffering a crippling blow.


Main articles: Invasion of Canada, Occupation of Canada

With the New Avatar Order now on the run, kulade enlisted the help of the Combine Empire in a last-ditch attempt to regain control. He established a new base of operations in Moscow using his leverage over Thorvald's doppelgängers. In a shrewd-if-suspect play to save the lives of Union troops, Thorvald encouraged Bjørn to let his avatars follow through on their flimsily-justified invasion of Canada, thereby reducing the home garrison to Combine soldiers.

The campaign was an unexpected and sweeping success. Union forces seized full control of the country in less than a week, and zero fatalities were suffered by either side. However, the occupying force had to contend with a resistance movement of disgruntled patriots led by Captain2.

Fall of the New Order

Main article: Battle of Moscow

Vast armies descended on Moscow as the Combine garrison proved too feeble to hold. Coruscanti and Taillenian ground forces assaulted the Citadel, CivGeneral leading a strike team into the structure to confront kulade face-to-face. While CG duelled the ASC, Thorvald absorbed his avatars and exterminated the resident Combine Advisor. kulade attempted to set everyone up the bomb, overloading the reactor to generate a massive Force Storm. CG kicked kulade into a portal to the Land of Hiatus, then everyone evacuated as the reactor went critical, destroying the tower.



Main article: Hokkaidō Uprising

Grievous and Toyoda

The Gem

Mmain articles: The Gem, Battle of Arrakis

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