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Offical render of Ayane
First appearance DRAW Your Own Story 11 (Chronologically, DYOS 10.5)
Last appearance None
No. appearances >= 2
Aliases STARS Shadow (CB handle)
Species Human
Gender Female
Date of birth August 5th, 1989
Age 28
Address New Port City, Coruscant Republic

Kunoichi (Female Ninja)


Raidou (Father)
Ayame (Mother, abandoned custody)
Shiden (Paternal Uncle)
Genra (Foster Father)

"ICS" (Mother-in-Law)
Spouse(s) CivGeneral (Fiancé)
Children Nozomi, Unknown Son

Hayate (Older Half-Brother/Cousin)

Kasumi (Older Half-Sister/Cousin)
Marsha Conrad (Cousin-in-Law)
Starsign Leo

Coruscanti, Japanese
CGBoS.png Brotherhood of Steel

Ayane (綾音, あやね, Ayane) is a Japanese kunoichi of the Mugen Tenshin Ninja Clan, and the clan's current leader of the Hajin Mon Sect, who stars in the Dead or Alive and Ninja Gaiden video game series. Starting as a training dummy in the Sega Saturn port of the original Dead or Alive, Ayane became a playable character in the PlayStation remake.

Conceived when Ayame was raped by Raidou, Ayane is the younger half-sister, and cousin, to both Kasumi and Hayate. Although mistreated in her youth, Ayane has become one of the most powerful shinobi of her clan.

Role in DYOS

During the Third Nazi War, she was saved by Marsha Conrad[1][2] when an Enclave assault squad attacked her village, leaving her the only survivor of her ninja clan. After the war, she headed to New Port City and became a naturalized citizen of the Republic of Coruscant. Within a week, however, she attracted the unwanted attention of Randy Johnson, who tried to use her encounter with Marsha as leverage into CivGeneral's family. After learning of the Brotherhood of Steel, she sought to find CivGeneral and join his group.

She finally caught up with CivGeneral while battling Albert Wesker and Faye Valentine. Ayane exploited Wesker's blind spot while he was focused on CivGeneral, slicing his back and taking CivGeneral into the shadows to help defeat Wesker.[3] She was eventually made into a Star Paladin and appointed Stealth Specialist in the S.T.A.R.S. division.

After the destruction of Umbrella's research facility on Hyrule, Ayane asked CivGeneral if she could train him and his wife in ninjitsu. CivGeneral agreed and she soon trained both CivGeneral and Jill Valentine in Mugen Tenshin Ninjutsu (Hajin Mon Style). Since CivGeneral had prior martial arts background, Ayane was impressed by how he quickly learned the moves and techniques she taught him.


She is often seen wielding a ninjato. She can also use other bladed weapons including the Officer's Katana as well as a kunai. Like CivGeneral and Marsha, she will improvise with whatever weapon is at her disposal.

She is equipped with silenced firearms, and smoke and flash-bang grenades.

Behind the scenes

  • Two characters shares her model: Mejiko and Nozomi Valentine. The later being her daughter.
  • In her first appearance she was not shown with the S.T.A.R.S. badges on her outfit. Later, Jill Valentine gave her a new set of clothing that has the original S.T.A.R.S. arm badges.

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