Baghdad Bob

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"There is no x within a hundred miles of x! it is all a lie by the x infidels!"

Mohammed Saeed al-Sahhaf is the former Iraqi "Information Minister", serving under Saddam Hussein. Somewhat affectionately known as "Baghdad Bob", he became famous for reporting genuine "news" based on "authentic sources". His moment of fame didn't last, and the world soon forgot about him. Our Bob did not take this kindly, and entered the well-known "five stages of grief". He never got pass the first stage, though - it was something he became comfortable with.

He entered the DYOS-verse doing what he does best and became a kind of travelling "denier-for-hire". In times of particularly rampant flaming and plotholes he has the ability to create or uncreate objects at will, merely by uttering his catchphrase. Baghdad Bob was also called on in particularly serious cases (for example, the destruction of planet Earth) and entrusted with executive retcon powers. He has thus far survived several world wars, zombies, being shot, vaporized and crushed.

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Baghdad Bob has appeared several times as part of Haruhi Suzumiya's Reality Warpers Club due to his powers of retcon. He also appeared in Pul Wat Aa's fortress as the overseer of the prison. He barely managed to retcon his intruders away before being eaten by Gnowel Lawgiver.[1]