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Barbarians refer to the generic unaligned faction in the Civilization series. They are the default antagonist, faceless and unfeeling, but rarely, if ever, present a unified bloc. Barbarians have made not inconsequential appearances in DRAW Your Own Story, notably during DRAW Your Own Story 8[1].

The general competence of barbarians is dependent on which game they are featured in. Civilization I and Civilization II frequently feature landing parties that harass the players, and allow barbarians to capture human- and computer-controlled cities. In Civilization III, barbarians gather in the fog of war, but are limited to only three types of units (typically lowest-tier) and can never capture cities, only pillage them. In Civilization IV, they are capable of founding and developing their own cities and miniature nations, and their technology level fluctuates relative to the other players'.


  1. They had some connection to Stylesrj that I forget