Battle of Aberdeen

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Battle of Aberdeen
Didn't actually appear in the comic, but SO uncanny
March 'em to the sea, laddies
Date 7 October 2006
Location Aberdeen, Scotland
Result Scots decisive victory
 Kingdom of Lym Scotland Flag.png Scotland
Commanders and leaders
 Thorvald of Lym Scotland Flag.png Kan' Sharuminar
1 260 000 men
5 ships
8 000 men
Casualties and losses
329 killed or wounded
742 638 captured
2 ships (captured)
18 killed or wounded
183 captured

The Battle of Aberdeen occurred on October 7, 2006, between Britain and the Kingdom of Lym. The Golden Fleet was en route to the Atlantic Ocean to begin trolling for the Fridge of the Mods when Thorvald of Lym spied Kan' Sharuminar. The centuries-old feud between Norse and Scot led to a rapid battle. A Scots force of 8,000 men managed to rout a Norse army 157 times its size with minimal casualties, taking over half the opposing army prisoner. Thorvald's aggression also caught the attention of CivGeneral, who debated taking military action against the perceived threat.

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