Battle of Arrakis

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Battle of Arrakis
Part of the Avatar Wars and the Combine-Coruscant War
Battle of Arrakis.png
CivGeneral, Alyx Vance, Motoko Kusanagi, and Spongebob during the opening of the battle.
DateMay 10 2009-July 18 2009
Republic of Coruscant
Eastern Union
Free Western Army
Combine.png Combine Empire Unaffiliatedbanner.png Renegade factions
CorrinoHeraldic.svg House Corrino
22px Zombies
Commanders and leaders
Chancellor Franklin Roster
Samus Aran
Alyx Vance7px
Motoko Kusanagi
Thorvald of Lym
Spongebob Squarepants
Patrick Star
Sandy Cheeks
Combine.png Mara Jade
Combine.png Wallace Breen
Cfcicon.png taillesskangaru
22px Stylesrj
Cfcicon.png Kan' Sharuminar
22px choxorn
22px mythmonster2
Flag of the People's Republic of China.png Ta Hun Kwai
CorrinoHeraldic.svg Frederick Corrino IV
Australian flag.png Ross Ray
Genghis Khan
and, naturally, many more...
See List of people in the Gem chamber

The Battle of Arrakis was the final battle in the Combine-Coruscant War, fought on Arrakis between May 10-July 18 2009. The Republic of Coruscant destroyed the Combine Empire's star ships and army, thus ending the war. The Treaty of Arrakis was signed 4 days after the battle ended.


Following the Battle of Fort Schmerzen, Mr. Toyoda asked CivGeneral to retrieve The Gem from Arrakis, offering 200,000,000,001 Euros for its delivery to him. CivGeneral accepted this offer, and 2 weeks later, he, Alyx Vance, Thorvald and Bjørn went to the now-liberated New Port City, took a ship with some scientists and a battle group, and headed to Arrakis. At a spaceport on the way, they met the group the Free Western Army was sending to Dune to fight the remaining forces of Napoleon and FDR, and later a smuggler who was knowledgeable about the planet. Unfortunately, the spaceport was attacked by the Combine, who captured the smuggler, although CivGeneral and Co. managed to escape with the help of Motoko Kusanagi.


Shortly after the battle, the Coruscanti Battle Group reached Arrakis, and CivGeneral, Alyx, Thorvald, Bjørn, Spongebob, Patrick, Sandy, Kusanagi, and two scientists traveled down to the planet. They then met J.C. Reitan, the lone surviving and now insane member of the initial expedition. The Combine arrived shortly after, and started fighting against the Coruscanti forces. The House Corrino did not join the fighting initially, but later locked down the planet, although this did not stop many people from showing up. The Heroes managed to slip past a Combine checkpoint with their cool faces, and later entered the Gem Chamber by getting information from the Oblivious Guard.

The Gem Cave, a.k.a., What's next in this parade of constant interruptions?

What indeed...

They found the Gem there, but Breen, Mara Jade, and several Combine soldiers showed up, along with their captives, Briggs Lightstar and J.C. Reitan, having tracked the party with a tracking device implanted into Kusanagi. They then attempted to teleport the Gem out with a portal, but Samus Aran came through from the other side, ruining the plan. Dr. Breen proceeded to say "What's next in this parade of constant interruptions?" several times, which was immediately followed by Kan' Sharuminar arriving by TARDIc, mythmonster2 being dropped from space in a pod, Georgie Kalanin, Vyacheslav Molotov, Mikhail Kalinin, and Sergei Molotov arriving by crashing through a wall, Genghis Khan and a talking TV arriving by unknown means, Kwai driving a Tank through the same wall and stealing the Gem, creating a temporary break in the space-time continuum, choxorn being teleported to Arrakis by the Convenient Plot Device and then driving a Warthog through the same wall, the Law Council of Australia showing up to apprehend Georgie Kalanin and fix the break in the space-time continuum Kwai had created, returning the Gem where it needed to be, Stylesrj crashing through the same wall yet again, and then The Hacker attacked ImageShack, briefly destroying everything again, and then finally the parade of constant interruptions ended.

The various breaks resulted in nearly everyone being captured by the Combine, with the exception of CivGeneral, who was fighting Mara Jade, and Samus, who managed to free herself while the Combine were distracted by Kwai. Samus and CG managed to defeat Mara, throwing her into a chasm. They then went back to the Gem chamber [1][2].

Breen, unaware of the dangers of the Gem, ordered an officer to touch it, which caused all of the Combine Soldiers in the room to be incinerated, and freed all of their captives. Coruscanti reinforcements arrived, destroying the Combine fleet in space, and soon arrived in the Gem chamber to capture Wallace Breen.


Shortly after the battle ended, the Treaty of Arrakis was signed, ending the Combine-Coruscant War. Wallace Breen was replaced by Nikita Brezhnev as Combine premier, and a Cold War ensued, with the Combine using their proxies, the Space Nazis, to continue the war.

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