Battle of Babylon

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Note: The thread was deleted and exact details are forgotten, so some of these are a bit off.
Battle of Babylon
Part of the Search for the Scrolls of Cohesiveness
Date July-August 2007
Location The Ruins of Babylon, near Baghdad, Iraq
Result Saddam defeated, scrolls found to not be in the Hanging Gardens
Republic of Coruscant
Cfcicon.png Various CFC'ers
Flag of Iraq (2003).png Saddam Hussein's forces
22px Stylesrj's forces
Commanders and leaders
Some OS-tan
Cfcicon.png taillesskangaru
Cfcicon.png choxorn
Cfcicon.png Tykinruoka
Cfcicon.png Rheinmetall
Cfcicon.png kulade
Cfcicon.png Splime
Cfcicon.png Mythmonster2
Cfcicon.png kill fire
Cfcicon.png Kan' Sharuminar
Cfcicon.png TheBladeRoden
Flag of Iraq (2003).png Saddam Hussein
22px Stylesrj

The Battle of Babylon was a battle fought in DYOS 9 for a few weeks. The exact details have been lost to history and to the fact that the thread no longer exists, but what is remembered is that nearly every CFC'er in the thread at the time simultaneously attacked the ruins of Babylon, were the somehow-not-dead Saddam Hussein was hiding, and where it was believed the Scrolls of Cohesiveness were. It was later discovered they were at the North Pole, then again discovered that they were at Tehran, and... WTF. Well, anyway, the thread ended before the scrolls were found.


Earlier in the thread, much fighting was happening among the contributors, mainly because of Stylesrj powergaming and following his own plot with the United Nations and ignoring the pleas of others to let them draw their own storyline rather than have to focus on his powergaming non-stop. Subi's Intergalactic Space Penguin spies revealed that the reason for the lack of cohesiveness was that Saddam Hussein had stolen the Scrolls of Cohesiveness, a mystical item said to be capable of ending the fighting, providing a cohesive plotline, and providing ice cream for all. Okay, maybe not the last one, but every list needs a silly third item. In response to this, the usual suspects and some new ones all teamed up to try and find it. Stylesrj took his usual villianous role, although he was later revealed to have been mind controlled by Voldemort and returned to good when Voldemort was killed at some later point.


They quickly all sent their various armies to Babylon. Upon discovering the massive spaceship fleets and armies outside, Saddam fired up his Cut-and-Paste Machine to rapidly make a bunch of troops and planes. They proved to be of very poor quality, despite being numerous, and most were easily destroyed. The few non-C+P soldiers he fielded proved to be more menacing and inflicted some casualties, and some planes called "Super F-16's" proved to be very strong, with tough enough armor to take a barrage of a Phantom's main plasma turret with little damage and make said Phantom crash in the desert. They were, however, little match for a Star Destroyer's turbolasers, and were eventually completely destroyed by Stylesrj.

Over time, the various CFC armies from Star Wars, Halo, Civilization, Age of Mythology, and the various hand-drawn and digital ones gradually grew in power and pushed back the weak forces of Saddam Hussein and Stylesrj. CivGeneral and taillesskangaru charged into and searched the Hanging Gardens, and found the scrolls mysteriously not there. Saddam and Voldemort both died somewhere around here, with the exact details and time of their death forgotten.


Ironically, despite the scrolls not being found, a great deal of cohesiveness actually existed here as the contributors were in one place working towards a common goal. Sadly, after that, the story split up and went every which way and became confusing and hard to follow again. At some point the scrolls ended up in Tehran, and the thread had descended into such chaos that the contributors decided to throw it away, create some new rules and a governing body for the story to keep that from happening again, and make a new thread, that would hopefully be brighter and better.