Battle of Chiron

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Battle of Chiron
Part of The HAAAX Crisis & Pirate Resurgence
Status Lost.
22px Stylesrj's Forces Enclave Symbol.png Enclave
Commanders and leaders
22px Stylesrj
22px Rhiza Kalanin
22px Rodney McKay
Enclave Symbol.png Enclave Commander Mobo
Casualties and losses
Rhiza Kalanin (POW)

Needing to find more data on the Enclave's research of Project Titan, Stylesrj set out for the Alpha Centauri system in order to recover databanks from them and possibly find what he needed.

While they have a base set up on an asteroid, there was a significant research base on the planet Chiron in the same system. In order to stop the databanks from being wiped out early, Stylesrj authorised a Cruise Missile strike on the base to knock out communications and base defenses before dropping in with his wife and Rodney McKay for infiltration. The mission was meant to be quite simple, but then the Hacker intervened, complicating the matter.

Battle of the Control Room

After breaking into the Enclave base through the use of hacking, the group was beset upon by teleported Deathclaws by the Hacker.
While Stylesrj was trying to hold them off with his flamethrower, Rhiza used her hacking skills to reduce the Deathclaw's sizes significantly, making them easily incinerated.

As they neared the control room, a pair of guards blocked the path.
While a trivial matter, Stylesrj thought of himself as an Assassin and managed to sneakily assassinate one of the guards by blending as a scholar. Rhiza shot the second guard and told him to run away and not return, or else his spleen would be burned

Entering the control room/database, the whole ordeal seemed to be over, until the Hacker returned with a vengeance (not the weapon), turning the computer system into a Muffy and sending several Enclave soldiers with laser rifles at Stylesrj.
He also altered Rhiza's scale so that she was tiny compared to everyone else before sending a single Enclave soldier with a chainsword after her.

However, even at a smaller size, Rhiza's plasma pistol could still cause serious burns to the soldier's head.

Rodney McKay on the other hand was almost a victim of Enclave attack, codenamed "Attack Pattern Citrus"


Rhiza ran out of ammo for her pistol and didn't have time to reload before she was punted halfway across the room by the Enclave soldier.

She called for Stylesrj's help, but he was too busy trying to stop the guards from killing him with lasers.
The soldier took the time to crush Rhiza's arm completely, making her unable to use any weapon or even use her PDA system before picking her up off the ground and taunting Stylesrj.

Before he could attack, the soldier got away, sealing the door behind themselves. Knowing that he couldn't proceed any further, he swore to get his wife back before returning back to base to plot his next move.


The outcome of the battle was a failure. Rhiza was unable to hack the database and was captured for her efforts. However, the Second Battle of Chiron is soon to take place to bring her back.