Battle of Earth (DYOS 11)

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Battle of Earth
Part of The HAAAX Crisis & Pirate Resurgence
DateOctober 12-November 6 2009
LocationIn orbit above Earth
Result CivFanatics victory
Cfcicon.png CivFanatics
22px Zombies
Jolly Roger.png HAAAAX Forces
Commanders and leaders
Cfcicon.png Stylesjl
22px Stylesrj
22px choxorn
Jolly Roger.png Pul Wat Aa
Jolly Roger.png Brother Hackvh

The Battle of Earth fought in DYOS 11 was an attack of the HAAAAX in an attempt to destroy CFC. The CivFanatics defenders, aided by zombies, fought off the attack.


Stylesrj had previously been defending Pathspace to prevent the HAAAAX from getting through, learning how the space worked from the "Great Hacker Aa". However, after his favorite forum of Galava was HAAAAXed, he become delusional to try to protect it (despite no longer existing), allowing Aa to show his true colors and attack CivFanatics. A large fleet of ships came through Pathspace, followed closely by Brother Hackvh.

Initial Fight

The CivFanatics defenders, led by Stylesjl and some of his random characters that this editor is too lazy to name, held off the initial assault of starships without much trouble, but when Brother Hackvh arrived, the solid organic waste collided with the Aperture Science Rotational Air Circulation Device. He started launching HAAAAX that blew up space ships left and right, and also a few northwest, south-south-east, and whichever direction the 4th spacial dimension happens to be.


He then launched a massive hack attack at Forum Games, but missed and just hit an already long-dead and locked thread, prompting choxorn to taunt him. He then showed up with a fleet of ships from Halo through Slipspace, bypassing all of the whateverspace crap that nobody but the Styles brothers understood. After a little more fighting with Brother Hackvh, Stylesrj suddenly reappeared and gave a lame explanation to handwave all the plot holes resulting from this, then blew up the Brother Hackvh. Later, Pul Wat Aa was revealed to be The Hacker, preventing this entire plotline from making any goddamn sense at all[1].

  1. Not that it ever did