Battle of Elysia

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Battle of Elysia
Part of the Third Nazi War
Date November 16–20, 2009
Location Elysia
Result Space Nazis seize Elysia
 Republic of Coruscant  Greater German Space Reich
Commanders and leaders
Republic of Coruscant General Johnson†
Republic of Coruscant Allen P. James
Greater German Space Reich Manfred Hickten
Greater German Space Reich Frank von Horrigan
Greater German Space Reich Baron von Braun
1 Star Dreadnought
4 Star Destroyers
30,000 soldiers
10 Star Frigates
24 destroyers
25,000 soldiers
2,000 power armor
12 HAW-206
Casualties and losses
30,000 killed
1 Star Destroyer
10,000 killed
2 HAW-206
3 frigates
9 destroyers

The Battle of Elysia was a sneak attack by the Greater German Space Reich against Coruscanti forces at Elysia that began the Third Nazi War. The numerically superior Space Nazi fleet ambushed a patrol near Combine space, achieving planetfall and ultimately forcing the Coruscantis to withdraw. No formal declaration of war was issued, and the speed and surprise of the attack earned it the nickname "Coruscant's Pearl Harbor".


Following its defeat in the Battle of Arrakis, the Combine Empire was forced into punitive peace with the Republic of Coruscant. In an effort to maintain pressure against New Port, Combine premier Nikita Brezhnev employed the Space Nazis, the exiled remnants of Coruscant's early foes, as a proxy army. In addition, it established the Enclave under former premier Wallace Breen as an Earth-based sleeper cell.

Following the collapse of the Galactic Federation, the Space Nazis were sufficiently mobilized to combat Coruscant directly. Führer Manfred Hickten assumed frontline command of the fleet, planning a salient through the galaxy for a direct invasion of Earth in pursuit of his own goals. In mid-November 2009, Brezhnev authorized Hickten to commence hostilities, with Breen ordered to attack several days later, in what appeared a ploy to draw Coruscant's military attention to the cosmic periphery, thereby leaving its garrison at Earth vulnerable.

Assault on Elysia

Elysia served as a border post and played host to a permanent garrison to observe Combine compliance with the recently-signed peace treaty. While the actual fleet amounted to only five ships, naval command believed the inclusion of a single Eclipse Star Destroyer would provide sufficient deterrence against Combine aggression in the area. However, the commodore required authorization from the Commander-in-Chief to arm the superlaser, and did not receive clearance in time to use it against the Space Nazi attack, severely hampering the fleet's firepower.

Although numerically superior, the Space Nazi fleet comprised lighter classes and no heavy battleships, rendering it vulnerable to a prolonged fight. Hickten instead focused on securing the planet itself, deploying a full ground corps to the Elysian surface. Unfamiliar with warfare on a gas planet, the expedition could not optimize use of its assault mechs, unloading 12 out of 52. The planetary defenders lacked mechanized support, however, and the patrol fleet remained tied up with the Space Nazi ships. The invaders ultimately butchered the entire garrison; determining Elysia lost, the commodore ordered the Coruscanti fleet to evacuate to hyperspace.

News of the attack reached New Port City several hours later, but Coruscant did not issue a formal declaration of war until after several weeks.

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