Battle of K-2L

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Battle of K-2L
Part of the Third Nazi War
Space Battle in orbit above K-2L
DateDecember 28th, 2009
Result Republic of Coruscant decisive victory
Republic of Coruscant Greater German Space Reich
Commanders and leaders
Admiral Piett Manfred Hickten
Grand Admiral Baron von Braun

1 Dominator-Class Destroyer
2 Venator-Class Destroyers

1 Legacy-Class Destroyer

3 Corellian Frigates

2 Corellian Destroyers

The Battle of K-2L was a minor space victory for the Republic of Coruscant who, under the command of Admiral Piett, successfully dispatched the Space Nazis who were about to invade the planet for their own conquest. After the loss of Zebes, Piett was reassigned to intercept the incoming Space Nazi fleet coming from the Battle of Elysia earlier.

The last time K-2L saw any kind of conflict between two belligerent forces was many years ago when Samus Aran was still a child and the Space Pirates ambushed a fuel depot in the area.

Behind the Scenes

As with the Battle of the Bulge, this event largely takes place during the dialogue between CivGeneral and Dr. Breen.