Battle of Moscow

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Rape of Moscow
Part of the Avatar Wars
The ruins of Moscow Citadel
This used to be a nice neighbourhood...
Date 20ish July – 24 August?
Location Moscow, Russia
Result Allied victory
Eastern Union
Republic of Coruscant
Free Western Army
KoolAidMan.PNG New Avatar Order
Combine.png Combine Empire
Commanders and leaders
Thorvald of Lym
Alyx Vance
KoolAidMan.PNG kuladeCfcicon.png choxorn
22px DYOS 1 Zombies
22px Stylesrj
22px Dostya

The Battle of Moscow was the culminating engagement of the Avatar Wars that saw the Avatar Supreme Commander defeated. The Eastern Union refers to the battle as the "Rape of Moscow", as the many armies the city played host to were not unified in purpose and frequently exploited the chaotic situation for personal profit. While the battle was ultimately a victory for the Allies and heralded the steady decline of the Combine Insurgency, the Union administrative body was left debilitated for months afterward.


Having rescued Thunderfall from kulade's base on Nar Kreeta, CivGeneral decided to return to Earth and liberate the Eastern Union from Thorvald's avatars.[1] En route, Thorvald received a call from Bjørn who described an impending invasion of Canada.[2] Realizing the unwitting tactical advantage his doppelgängers would provide him in doing so, Thorvald encouraged events to play themselves out, thereby depleting Union military manpower at home and forcing the Combine to absorb all the ensuing pain in their stead.

The armies arrive

About the same time CivGeneral and Co. arrived at the city outskirts, the dual personality of Rocket/Taillesskangaru made fall on the opposite side.[3] Stylesrj and Dostya landed not too far off, but were quickly engaged by Combine forces.[4] As Taillenian forces were deployed to Moscow, Rocket/Tailless contacted CivGeneral with the offer of a joint attack.[5]

Stylesrj was successful in repelling the Combine strike force with the help of Plan B, but was fined by the Ministry of the Environment in relation to threatening an endangered species of carp. Forced to sell his Cybran technology, his affairs were further complicated when Dostya's position was overrun and her mech destroyed. Under an impending court case and now without a lawyer[6], he abandoned the mission to find a replacement.[7]

Timmy Turner and Cosmo and Wanda crash-landed in the Kremlin and were confronted by Denzel Crocker. Crocker mind-controlled the fairies, but Timmy managed to flee to the sewer system.[8] CG and Co., meanwhile, fought their way through zombie hordes to emerge downtown, where Coruscanti forces were already in heavy combat around the Slottet, which had somehow wound up in Moscow.[9]

By now Taillenian forces had penetrated the city. Outraged at being sidelined by Coruscant, Rocket made an about-face and declared open war against everyone else.[10] At about the same time, choxorn arrived with an army of his own to combat kulade's forces.[11]

Storming the Citadel

With the situation growing more complicated, Coruscanti command ordered an immediate strike into the Citadel.[12] As CG and Co. approached from one side, the Taillenians were encroaching from the other as choxorn took the east flank. With unrelenting airstrikes having severely damaged the superstructure, the Citadel was unlikely to be able to repel the incoming armies.[13] CG and Co. stormed their way to kulade's office, only to find Thunderfall recaptured.[14] Dostya, who as it turns out managed to eject in time[15], burst in and attempted to force Thunderfall's release.[16] Thorvald meanwhile confronted the resident Combine Advisor with a healthy supply of insecticide.[17]

Dostya tried to pull a fast one on kulade but was quickly disarmed. Realizing the jig was up, he fled to the reactor core, disabling its defences to convert the citadel into a giant bomb.[18] Dostya scrambled to take a shot but misfired and blew out the control system. She proceeded to flee in the Advisor's escape pod before Alyx had her way with her.[19]

Thorvald meanwhile confronted his avatars. With the help of a sonic screwdriver from Bjørn, he managed to recompile them back into his person and free Thunderfall. Again.[20]

kulade harnessed the destabilized core to generate a Force Storm. CivGeneral confronted him over the portal, and in a brief lightsaber duel, kicked him into hiatus.[21] Everyone then quickly evacuated the overloading reactor.

Back on the ground

choxorn and Rocket/Tailless confronted each other at the base of the Slottet, but the two personalities became embroiled in a self-dispute and didn't notice as AATs arrived and destroyed choxorn's tanks.[22] The destruction of the citadel led to a brief storm of portals attracting assorted ne'er-do-wells, and the Coruscanti expedition found itself fighting just about everyone.[23]

Late in the evening, Rocket/Tailless informed choxorn of a hidden cache of riches beneath the palace. Rocket/Tailless went on ahead, leaving choxorn under Taillenian guard while his remaining followers were subdued.[24] The unit came under attack by the DYOS 1 Zombies, who spirited choxorn away with them.[25] Meanwhile, Taillenian forces laid siege to "Black Mesa East", the Coruscanti expeditionary headquarters.[26] Further complicating the already dire situation was the Combine's dispatch of General Grievous to pick up the pieces of kulade's defeat.[27] As CG and Co. were about to flee the base, they were confronted by Grievous. CivGeneral was injured in the ensuing standoff, but the party managed to escape.[28]

Back in the city, choxorn had been zombified and now led an undead army comprised of most of the Taillenian invasion force and his own unlucky followers for pleasure and profit.[29] Seeking revenge, he marched upon Rocket/Tailless just as they reached the entrance to the caverns.[30]

CivGeneral's party returned to Moscow to seek medical treatment. The Poker Alice II having been requisitioned to aid in the evacuation, they instead made their exeunt with a Stryker IFV.[31] During the ride out, Thorvald attempted to rally the populace anew via a televised address that called upon the citizens to take up arms against the invaders.[32]

choxorn's campaign came to a sudden halt when he became infuriated with Stylesrj's and Mjwhear's comics. Hijacking a LAAT, he and Subsubsquad EETEJASAU BSYABYS departed for Japan, leaving the rest of his troops to their own devices.[33]


With most of the armies by this point having either moved on, been defeated, or succumbed to the zombies, the conflict shifted from a military engagement to counterinsurgency and quarantine operations. Exactly what followed is not well documented, but with the Combine uprooted, the Coruscantis withdrew from Russia, and the onus fell on the overtaxed Union military to restore order. While miraculously preventing an epidemic, Union forces lost imense ground to the zombie armies,[34][35] and control of Moscow was only fully re-established in January following "Guba's Crusade"[36] and the zombies' mass migration to Germany[37].