Battle of Poland

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Battle of Poland
Part of the Nazi war on Earth
Space Nazi forces charging the Union line
Date31 December 2009 – 2 January 2010
Result Space Nazi victory
Poland captured by Space Nazis
Greater German Space Reich Eastern Union
Commanders and leaders
Manfred Hickten Władysław Czciborycz

The Battle of Poland, also known as the New Year's Insurgency, was a conflict in the namesake country. The Eastern Union came under attack by the Greater German Space Reich after Manfred Hickten's starfleet reached the Sol system following delays at K-2L. The Space Nazis began an orbital incursion into the nation's capital, Warsaw.

The Union army initially managed to contain the invaders in Masovia Province. General Władysław Czciborycz, commander of the Polish Army since the Second Napoleonic War, adamantly refused to see the Space Nazis gain anything beyond their initial landing zone. Czciborycz grew belligerent with fellow officers who suggested strategic withdrawal, insisting the threat could be safely contained without further reinforcements. While the progress of the battle seemed to affirm his position, other generals questioned whether the army could sustain a battle of attrition given the deployment of battle droids alongside the Space Nazi stormtroopers. Again, Czciborycz rejected calls for withdrawal, warning that "they will only grow stronger".

Ultimately, Czciborycz grudgingly conceded to pull the forces back in what he called an abandonment of the country. As he predicted, the Space Nazi conquest of Poland led to full deployment of the invasion fleet, and the Union lost its tentative battlefield superiority.

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