Battle of Washington, D.C.

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Battle of Washington, D.C.
Part of Third Nazi War
Enclave Soldiers storming the streets of D.C.
DateNovember 30, 2009 - Feburary 5, 2010
LocationWashington, D.C.
Status Coruscanti decisive victory; Enclave forces retreat to the Pacific; Enclave technologies confiscated as war prizes for Coruscant.
Republic of Coruscant Enclave Symbol.png Enclave Others
Fallout 3 Talon Company Banner.png Talon Company
Commanders and leaders
General Maximilian Veers
General Otto
Enclave Symbol.png Dr. Wallace Breen
Enclave Symbol.png Brigadier General Joe Jackson
Cfcicon.png Rhiza Kalanin[1]

The Battle of Washington, D.C., more commonly known as the Battle of D.C., was a focal battle during the Third Nazi War. Days after the Battle of Elysia, in conjunction with the Space Nazis, the Enclave made a surprise attack against the Republic of Coruscant.


Dr. Breen had longed for revenge against CivGeneral and the Republic of Coruscant for his humiliating defeat in the Battle of Arrakis. His opportunity came when he was commissioned by the Combine to organize the Enclave from the ruins of the United States federal government left behind by the ravaging monster roaming the Earth.


Brigadier General Joe Jackson leading his troops into Washington D.C.

Under the strict orders of the Combine Empire, the Enclave was not to attack the Republic of Coruscant until the Greater German Space Reich had first blood. Despite these orders, Dr. Breen secretly positioned his forces within a catapult's throw of Washington, D.C. and waited for the signal to begin the attack.

Breen entrusted Brigadier General Joe Jackson to lead the attack and wipe the Coruscantis off the map, as well as find the monster that destroyed most of the cities on the planet.

The Battle

Coruscanti soldiers rush to defend the streets of D.C.

The conflict started as suddenly as the Battle of Elysia with Dr. Breen giving the green light to General Joe Jackson. With Enclave soldiers invading from the north and proceeding down Pennsylvania Ave., the surprised Coruscanti patrols immediately dug in to defend. The soldiers, conscious of the slaughter at Elysia, vowed not to see events repeat themselves.

General Veers alerted to the invasion

General Veers was taken aback by the swiftness of the Enclave's attack. Having not seen combat in ages, he sprang into action to vigorously defend the city of Washington from the invaders. When he first sighted the Enclave soldiers, he described them as "Walking death machines with blue tooth and wi-fi antenna horns", and stated that he would give any soldier to bring back an Enclave Power Armor suit intact 1,000 Republic Credits.

Talon skirmishes

The Talon Company made itself a nuisance to the Republic of Coruscant by attacking their troops and civilians deemed to "possess good karma". The Talons in turn fell victim to the many Coruscanti snipers perched in surrounding buildings and as well as various partisan forces and Storm Commando squads.

Rhiza Kalanin misadventures

While wandering around the capital district and harassing the Enclave through the Talon Company, Rhiza Kalanin was shot with a tranquilizer dart by an Enclave sniper who proceeded to capture her. Little was known of her subsequent fate at the time, but evidently she got better.

Coruscant's Stalingrad

With the Enclave and the Coruscanti military both engaged in deadlocked urban warfare in the ruins of D.C., many Coruscanti militiamen and partisans took the initiative to go deep into Enclave-held streets and engage in skirmishes with the roaming Enclave soldiers. The guerrillas took advantage of abandoned subways and sewers for secure transit between their Rivet City base and Enclave territory.

Coruscanti Sniper taking aim at an Enclave Soldier

Rivet City base

The Coruscantis quickly established a derelict aircraft carrier and its surrounding infrastructure, nicknamed "Rivet City"[2], as their command base during the battle. Many of the citizens residing on the ship quickly joined the militia forces. As the carrier retained a usable tarmac, it was soon refitted to use as an airstrip for VTOL aircraft, strike craft such as the ARC-170, various airspeeders, helicopters, and other transports.

A Coruscanti ARC-170 at rest in Rivet City

Dupont Circle skirmish

General Veers determined to keep a foothold in Washington D.C. He ordered his men to use any standing structures as fortified bases, flushing out other hostiles like Raiders and the Talon Company. Though the Coruscanti Army and Militia used the abandoned subway systems to avoid any Enclave entanglements, the Coruscantis knew they would have to face the Enclave head on. General Veers urged his men to utilize any subway tunnels and sewer systems connecting numerous Pavlov's Houses[3] dotted across the city.

Marsha Conrad spots an Enclave vertibird landing near a Pavlov's House

Brigadier General Joe Jackson, furious at the guerrilla tactics employed by the Coruscantis, determined to systematically destroy each of the Pavlov's Houses, starting with the one located in Dupont Circle. Jackson initially managed to repel Coruscanti reinforcements from the Battle of the Bulge, oblivious to their "Anaconda Plan" to encircle the Enclave and force them into submission.

While Veers delighted in his rival general's mounting fury, he tired of Jackson's "cat and mouse game" of dodging airspeeder assaults and snipers through perpetual rebasing. Most Coruscanti snipers assigned to assassinate the Brigadier General were captured and suffered the same fate as Rhiza Kalanin. Undaunted, Veers placed his fate in CivGeneral's cousin Marsha Conrad to cut to the root of the problem and eliminate Jackson before Coruscanti Forces from the Battle of the Bulge arrived for the final attack on the entrenched Enclave forces.

Assassination of Joe Jackson

Conrad successfully assassinated the Brig. General. As she fled Enclave headquarters, she encountered two troopers on patrol. Not wanting to risk capture, she decided to fight her way to the exit. General Veers managed to reestablish radio contact by wiretapping Enclave Radio. With Conrad's mission accomplished, Veers ordered the Coruscant Air Force to bomb Raven Rock while General Otto received the green light to begin mopping up the remains.

Coruscant victory and Enclave exodus to the Pacific

The destruction of Raven Rock by a Coruscanti Tu-95

The Battle of D.C. ended in a Coruscanti victory over the invading Enclave forces. With Jackson killed, the Enclave forces fell into disarray that made General Otto's task of sweeping up the mess much easier. Raven Rock was ultimately destroyed by a lone Coruscanti Tu-95 bomber. Many Enclave troops and officers were either killed in the bombing run or captured by ground forces. With Coruscant conquering nearly all of the United States, the remaining Enclave forces still on the mainland attempted to fortify in Los Angles while retreating to the islands in the Pacific Ocean for eventual retaliation.

Corporal Conrad with General Otto's forces and captured Enclave soldiers

General Veers was so impressed by Conrad's performance that he promoted her to sergeant and awarded her the Imperial Star for her contributions toward expedient resolution of the battle.

Behind the Scenes

The Vertibirds seen by CivGeneral in the initiating comic are in fact en route to Washington D.C. The positioning and movement of the Enclave Soldiers was done by the Enclave Commander Mod and Some Poses Mod for Fallout 3.

The Battle of Washington D.C. is loosely based on the Battle of Stalingrad of World War II, and is popularly referred to as "Coruscant's Stalingrad".

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  1. Captured by the Enclave
  2. Not to be mistaken for the USS Oriskany, requisitioned by Stylesrj
  3. Named in homage to the building used during the Battle of Stalingrad -