Battle of the Bulge

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For the World War II battle, see Battle of the Bulge
Battle of the Bulge
Part of the Enclave Front
Coruscanti troops storming across the American Breadbasket
DateDecember 27, 2009–February 9, 2010
LocationUnited States
Result Republic of Coruscant conquers mainland United States, Enclave forces retreat to Los Angeles
Republic of Coruscant Enclave Symbol.png Enclave Jolly Roger.png Raiders
Commanders and leaders
Surface Marshal CivGeneral[1]
Samus Aran[2]
General Otto
Lt. General Rom Mohc
Major Motoko Kusanagi
Enclave Symbol.png Dr. Wallace Breen
Jolly Roger.png Various
Concurrent with the Battle of Las Vegas and the Battle of Washington D.C.

The Battle of the Bulge was a major Coruscanti offensive against the Enclave in control of the United States. The offensive was divided between three task forces named after the major city in the longitude they were assigned to (e.g. the mission of the Chicago Task Force was to capture the areas within the longitude Chicago is located in). The battle also set the stage for the Republic of Coruscant to establish itself as the successor of the fallen and ruined United States government and the eventuality of CivGeneral becoming the head of state[3]. It thus bears vague symbolic similarity to the coup that founded the Eastern Union; but whereas Ukrainian forces invaded Russia without a shot being fired, the Battle of the Bulge saw Coruscanti forces invading Enclave-controlled America with brute force.

The battle was an early turning point in the Third Nazi War: Coruscant's sweeping success and the Space Nazis' decision to deploy to Europe rather than reinforce Breen delivered a crippling blow to the Enclave's war effort from which it never truly recovered; despite an attempted counterattack in 2010, it was essentially fighting on the defensive, and its subsequent defeat in 2011 left the Combine Bloc strategically disadvantaged for the rest of the war.

Coruscanti Blitz

The campaign was Coruscant's response to the Battle of Washington, D.C.. The Enclave continued to fight fiercely in the city, but had made no ventures elsewhere along the border; with the Armed Forces mobilized, the Coruscantis devised a three-pronged, full-scale assault on the enemy lines. The military was given the following objectives:

  1. Force the Enclave attacking Washington D.C. into an encirclement and reclaim the city;
  2. Deliver a crippling blow against the Enclave;
  3. Eliminate the Raider threat;
  4. Establish the Republic of Coruscant as the successor authority of the United States.

The campaign was further motivated by CivGeneral's capture and imprisonment in Enclave-held Las Vegas.[4]

Task Force Chicago

Commander: General Otto

The Chicago Task Force faced little resistance against the Enclave, though it had to contend with harassment by Raider parties along the way. General Otto took the lead from New York City all the way to Seattle in record time and ahead of schedule.

Task Force St. Louis

Commander: Major Motoko Kusanagi

Kusanagi had command of the most difficult path, the route from New York City all the way to Los Angeles. Due in part to combatting incoming Enclave forces en-route to Washington D.C., she eventually linked up with the forces engaging in the Battle of Las Vegas, as well as CivGeneral and Samus Aran. She arrived just in time for the wedding ceremony.

Along with CivGeneral, Samus and company, the task force proceeded to drive the Enclave off of the United States mainland at Los Angeles.

Task Force Savanna

Commander: Lt. General Rom Mohc

Mohc had moderate difficulty storming from New York City, to Atlanta, and then eventually to Houston. Enclave units displaced by Kusanagi's forces detoured through the south and into Mohc's advance.

Behind the Scenes

The battle, alongside the Battle of Las Vegas, is depicted during the conversation between CivGeneral and Dr. Breen[5].

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  1. Eventually took command at the last segment after the Battle of Las Vegas after recovering from his injuries
  2. After the Battle of Las Vegas
  3. Akin to Julius Caesar