Bernard Maxium

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Bernard Maxium
Colonel Maxium in his dining hall
Died 14 December 2010
Umbrella Research Facility, Hyrule
Allegiance Umbrella Corporation logo.png Umbrella Corporation 1996–2009, 2010
Enclave Symbol (Fallout 3).png Enclave 2009–2010
Service/branch Umbrella Security
Years of service 1996 – 2010
Rank Colonel
Commands held Hyrule Research Branch
Battles/wars Kamakura Invasion
Third Nazi War
Hyrule Insurgency

You know who isn't human? People like YOU!!!


Colonel Bernard Maxium was the commanding officer of Umbrella Corporation's Hyrule research facility.[1] He was tasked with developing an efficient way to robotize humans and humanoids without turning them into stone, a recurring difficulty with unwilling victims.[2] Maxium led a military conquest of the planet to secure its inhabitants as test subjects.


Maxium worked with Umbrella Europe from 1996 until its collapse at the beginning of the Space Nazi invasion. He was involved in the Umbrella invasion of Kamakura to eliminate a competitor firm. There he obtained one of the laboratory's subjects, "Lucy"; despite objections from Albert Wesker and higher Umbrella officials, Maxium kept her in cryogenic sleep, arguing for her potential as a Bio-Organic Weapon (BOW). Wesker ultimately agreed.[3]

During Part II, Maxium joined the Enclave, where he developed a fixation on genetic purity and contempt for 'mutant' life. He served as lieutenant colonel in the invasion of Japan, specially-chosen to lead the attack on Kamakura owing to his previous experience in the region. Much to Dr. Breen's chagrin, Maxium went AWOL during the battle as the Enclave began to lose ground.[4]

By DYOS 11 Maxium had reunited with the reborn Umbrella Corporation under Wesker. He was personally selected to lead the robotification project on Hyrule in preparation for the launch of Wesker's Hammer. Maxium led a successful ground assault and subjected the native inhabitants to cruel and inhumane tests. He had Lucy locked up along with the other Hyrulian subjects; upon hearing CivGeneral had made planetfall, he used the opportunity to demonstrate Lucy's effectiveness as a BOW.[5]

Unknown to Maxium, CivGeneral managed to win her to his side during the confrontation.[6] Shortly afterwards, the party ambushed the colonel in his dining hall. In the short ensuing fight everyone sought to strike the killing blow;[3] it was considered "Quite the overkill".

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