Otto von Bismarck

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Bismarck's début console title

The ‘Iron Chancellor’ that united Germany, von Bismarck was persuaded to join forces with Bonaparte during the Second Napoleonic War. Germany’s pact with France granted Napoleon armoured divisions responsible for most of the alliance’s victories until the Eastern Union rallied and finally broke their momentum. With the capture of Paris, Bismarck disappeared, and a number of agencies seek him for different goals.

Third Nazi War

Bismarck was revealed to be alive and quite well in Part II. A letter addressed to General Valorum transferring what remained of Napoleon's and FDR's armies to the Clone Guild's control was signed by him. He also met with Space Nazi officials in person to negotiate an alliance during the campaign on Earth.

Bismarck exhibits his awesomeness by wearing a pickelhaube under a stahlhelm.

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