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Bjørn posing for the camera during some battle
First appearance DRAW Your Own Story 6
No. appearances >= 5
Created by Thorvald of Lym
Species Human
Gender Male
Date of birth > 1940?
Age >50?
Address With Thorvald
Occupation Advisor
Religion Lutheran
Nationality Norwegian

Best friend and chief advisor to Thorvald of Lym, Bjørn has been at his compatriot’s side since Thorvald was Crown Prince. He has an almost encyclopedic knowledge of affairs within and without the state, and is considered the Eastern Union’s de facto second-in-command; some even believe he would be a better governor than his master. Despite this, he often remains withdrawn from the main proceedings, coming only when called. Bjørn’s nerve is legendary, providing a straight-man second thought to Thorvald’s rather boisterous personality.

Early life

Bjørn's exact birth date is unknown, although he is generally considered Thorvald's senior. The two have been friends since childhood, and Bjørn was employed in the Royal Court of the Kingdom of Lym fairly quickly. He served King Heinrik in a variety of roles as well as acting as Thorvald's aide and confidant.

Bjørn was a foot soldier during many of the kingdom's battles; memorably, he was involved in the Battle of Aberdeen, but also a number that have not been mentioned in DRAW Your Own Story that established his skill as a fighter. Although he never aspired to official officership, his cool-headedness and tactical prowess further bolstered his reputation, and he became one of the most decorated men in the Royal Army.


Bjørn is invaluable to Thorvald, constantly working behind the scenes to secure the Prime Minister's legitimacy. He is a font of knowledge in general, able to describe in detail otherwise unknown subjects, such as the superbot subplot of DRAW Your Own Story 8. Exactly how much he knows is the stuff of legend, although he has been strangely reserved when speaking of Mr. Toyoda.

Bjørn as depicted in Garry's Mod

Avatar Wars

Following Thorvald's landing in Germany, ambush by Captain2 and extraction by CivGeneral, Bjørn was seen on his own for the first time.[1] He made his way back to Russia, where he was able to bring Mjolnir on-line[2] and virtually annihilate kulade's orbiting starfleet. He returned to the Kremlin during the Second Napoleonic War and attempted to salvage the wreckage left by Thorvald's doppelgängers.[3] While the avatars were technically head of state, their ineffectiveness deferred practical control of the Union to Bjørn, although this was overlooked when kulade was able to establish a citadel as part of the Combine Insurgency.

Bjørn and Toyoda

Sketch of Bjørn

After Thorvald accidentally left Bjørn behind in Bavaria, the advisor attempted to retrace his master's steps, culminating in the meeting with Mr. Toyoda (although he was not identified at the time).[4] Bjørn was visibly startled, the first time he has appeared alarmed during Thorvald's entire history with DYOS. While Bjørn has known Toyoda for at least as long as the late King Heinrik, he does not share Thorvald's obstinate attitude; indeed, his cooperation with Toyoda ensured the restoration of Thunderfall[5] and the defragmentation of Thorvald's doppelgängers[6].


Bjørn is best known for his unnerving sense of calm in even the most dire situations. His relation to Thorvald is often described as yin yang, Bjørn playing Cardinal Richelieu to Louis XVI, or Jeeves to Wooster. He is referred to as "the cornerstone of the Union" for his pragmatic and logical approach to governmental and interpersonal affairs. Even amongst CivGeneral's travelling company, Bjørn is seen to offer second judgment when other characters act out of spontaneity.

Despite maintaining what sometimes comes across as a distant and even somber attitude, Bjørn is at heart a lovable chum who is not adverse to lighthearted pranks from time to time. Those who know him well confirm that "Yes, he does smile."

Behind the scenes

Bjørn's Gmod depiction consists of a huscarl from Pirates, Vikings and Knights II mod with a seagull posed behind the helmet to suggest decorative wings. A missing texture for the ragdoll's teeth is corrected in post-production in image editing software.

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