Blood Gulch Mercenaries

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Blood Gluch Mercenaries

 Founder(s)  Stylesrj Dragonhelper, Rosalina Sunburst
 Leader(s)  Blood Gulch Council
 Headquarters  Adonis IV
 Locations  Space, Switzerplanet System
 Notable members  Stylesrj (Leader)
 Rosalina Sunburst (Lawyer)
 Commander Perkins
 Commander Hall
 Doctor Aran (Bio-Warfare)

We take the contracts the other mercs will!

—Unofficial motto

After many attempts at his own casino, Stylesrj started up an official mercenary company, with the help of his long-time friend and lawyer, Rosalina Sunburst. It was soon decided that the best way to raise capital for the company was to put it on the Galactic Stock Exchange. While the two were the major shareholders, they had a Board of Directors and investors to worry about.


The main purpose of the Space Mercenaries was to take missions and perform them to the best of their abilities. They also had a tendency to perform missions of charity while en-route to a mission or afterwards.

They also made it a habit to explore the galaxy and find new missions out in the stars and to find valuable artifacts to help improve the group's arsenal.


Membership into Stylesrj's main team is much like the Brotherhood of Steel. The most common recruitment procedure is the "You look like a good candidate. Join us!" policy which limits the recruitment pool, but provides excellent mercenaries. However, because that type of recruitment is on-the-spot, it means that candidates who wish to sign up for the Mercenaries miss out.

There is a Starfleet for when a mission requires more than a single ship, but it's used very rarely. These consist of mercenaries who don't make the cut into the strike team. These people are recruited the normal way - resumes and tests of ability.

Behind the Scenes

The flag used is the old Blood Gulch Casino flag. The casino in the middle is there either because I'm too lazy to change it or it has sentimental value.