Blood Gulch Starfleet

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The Blood Gulch Starfleet consists of a large fleet of ships coming from many corners of the galaxy as well as those Stylesrj constructs himself.


Ion Frigates

File:Ion Frigate.PNG
An Ion Frigate

Main Article: Ion Frigate

A capital ship armed with a single ion cannon. Can go into Hyperspace if needed.

They're best used en-mass and in a line or a wall, where they can bring a lot of firepower to bear on a single target.

Strengths: Numbers, Firepower
Weaknesses: No point defence, Slow


Qwaar-Jet Heavy Cruiser

File:Heavy Cruiser.PNG
The "Mary-Sue" of space, a Heavy Cruiser

Main Article: Qwaar-Jet Heavy Cruiser

A large ship. Roughly the same size as a CCS-class Battlecruiser.
However, it packs a lot more firepower. It utilises four swivel turret ion cannons on the prow, providing a cone of fire and has plenty of anti-particle cannon point defenses around the hull.

Their armour can take a lot of damage, and can be supplemented with energy shields if needed.

Strengths: Firepower, Point Defense, Armour.
Weaknesses: Slow, Low Numbers

Super Capital Ships

Assault Carrier

File:Assault Carrier.PNG
An Assault Carrier

Main Article: Taidann Assault Carrier

Massive ships. While not as big as Stargate Command, these vessels can field their own armada if needed.
They cannot however build other carriers, or anything bigger than their front docking bay.

Strengths: Spaceship Constructors, Point Defense, Armour
Weaknesses: Slow, No Ship-to-Ship weapons

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