Boris Badenov

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    Not to be confused with Boris Godunov
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Boris Badenov
Boris Badenov.jpg
First appearanceDRAW Your Own Story 8
Last appearanceDRAW Your Own Story 8
Created byJay Ward
Portrayed byPaul Frees (1959-64)
Dave Thomas (1992)
Keith Scott (voice) (2000)
Jason Alexander (2000)
AliasesSwami Ben Boris, Sir Thomas Lippen-Boris, Sir Hilary Pushemoff, Hemlock Soames, Mojave Max, Cerulean Bleu, Abou Ben Boris, Gunga Drain, Ace Ricken-Boris, "The Big Cheese", Madman Morris, Colonial Tomsk Parkoff, Mayor Avaricious J. Wardheeler, Clarence Darrownoff, Alfred Hitchhike, D.W. Grifter, Horatio Hornswaggle, "Devil Dan" Hatful, Egbert Kitchie, Felonious Floy, Big Chief Skunk-Who-Walks-Like-Man, Spencer Traceback, Pete McMoss, Honeychile Moosemoss, Little Old Apple "Witch Lady", Babyface Braunschweiger, Sherlock Ohms, Hailfellow J. Backslap, Black Angus, "Crazy Legs" Cowpuss, Boris Claus, Claude Badley
Date of birthunspecified

Boris Badenov is a fictional character in the 1960s animated cartoons Rocky and His Friends and The Bullwinkle Show, collectively referred to as Rocky and Bullwinkle for short. Boris is a spy for the fictional nation of Pottsylvania, and would take orders from the nation's leader, Fearless Leader (and occasionally the rarely-seen Mr. Big). Boris's missions range from trying to steal a secret rocket fuel formula to eliminating all television from the United States as part of Pottsylvania's various attempts to seize power. Boris, who is thoroughly dedicated to (and takes delight in) all manners of nefarious deeds, would also sometimes engage in his own schemes, such as starting his own organized crime gang. Separately from the television series, a commercial for the Rocky and Bullwinkle Show featuring Boris established that he was an active member of Local 12 of the Villains, Thieves, and Scoundrels Union. During this commercial, Badenov also claims to be "the world's greatest no-goodnik." Boris is also quite proud of the fact that the nicest thing Fearless Leader ever did for Boris Badenov was sending a picture of himself to Boris inscribed "Drop Dead-Fearless Leader".

From his debut along with Natasha Fatale, Boris Badenov's eyes were red and he was taller. In one of the segments of Mr. Know-It-All, "How to be a Good Umpire," Boris appears to have what seems to be his twin brother or a clone.

Boris is nearly always accompanied by his fellow spy, Natasha Fatale. The first time he appeared without her was in the story arc, "Buried Treasure." The first story arc where neither appeared was "The Three Moosketeers."

Usually, Boris's misdeeds are thwarted by Rocky the Flying Squirrel and Bullwinkle the Moose. Boris's attempts at killing "moose and squirrel" (as he refers to them) also always end in failure, usually by his own scheme backfiring on him. As Boris expresses his plight in one episode: "I put bomb in squirrel's briefcase and who gets blown up? Me!"


Boris's main catchphrase (spoken when frustrated) is "Raskolnikov!" (a reference to the novel Crime and Punishment by Dostoevsky), spoken in his Pottsylvanian accent (a mock-Russian accent).

Boris would also say "SHARRUP YOU MOUTH!!!" to Natasha, when his schemes failed. However, in the final segment of "Greenpernt Oogle" when he and Natasha were stuck in their own mine field, he says to her, "Natasha, next time I get fiendish plan, do me big favor? SHARRUP MY MOUTH!!" And she does just that in one episode, saying those very words to Boris as the car they were in dropped over a cliff to the ground in the 8-segmented story arc, "The Treasure of Monte Zoom."

Name and Parody of Hollywood Actor

Boris's name "bad enough" is a play on that of the 16th-century Russian Tsar Boris Godunov "good enough", or the opera of the same name. Boris's accent and explosive temper is a homage to Hollywood actor Akim Tamiroff, especially to Tamiroff's role in The Great McGinty (1940), directed by Preston Sturges.

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