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Bowie, shrouded in his trademark cloak
First appearance DYOS 11
No. appearances Many
Created by Gruekiller
Nickname(s) Bowie
Species Human (?)
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Address Presidential Palace, Rabat, Transatlasia
Occupation Power-hungry dictator
Family Unknown
Religion Nihilist
Nationality Transatlasian
Not to be confused with David Bowie, although they are both fascists.

Bowie is the chief antagonist of Gruekiller and the dictator of Transatlasia. Bowie is always seen dressed in a body-length robe, and his face is concealed beneath a hood. Little is known about him at the present time, but since he is said to have taught Gruekiller everything that he knows, it can be assumed that he posesses most or all of the same capabilities as him, and is probably far more powerful. Bowie became an ally of the Hacker and committed military support to the defense of Wetickra.

Character Bio

Bowie made his first appearance as a public figure some time in the early 1970s, appearing without explanation in North Africa. Becoming involved in a revolutionary movement in the Maghreb, he overcame its leaders and seized the reins of power, carving out an empire for himself in Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia. Once these territories were secured under his rule, he dissolved the governments of those nations, forming the Union of Transatlasia. Mauritania, northern Mali, and other nearby nations were "admitted" into the Union shortly thereafter, and wars with Libya and the remnants of Mali expanded the nation's rule further. Given Gruekiller's probable age, Bowie probably took him as his pupil within the last decade. Some time prior to this, Bowie came into possession of a suit of Archaean power armor reminiscent of that of a samurai. Gruekiller stole it from Bowie, severing his ties to him as a student, and fled.

During the events of DRAW Your Own Story 11, Bowie encountered Gruekiller in orbit over Earth, demanding that he return the armor. Gruekiller smugly refused, and managed to conjure up an escape by exploiting the Dauntless' weak points (namely, the turrets and hangar area). Bowie was, shortly afterward, visited by The Hacker, who managed to win him over to his side. As the heroes made inroads to Wetickra, Bowie dispatched the TSC Fearless to aid the defense while he and the Dauntless embarked to hunt down Gruekiller.

Upon finding Gruekiller, Bowie engaged him in combat, severing Gruekiller's hand and leaving him for dead. Power armor in hand, Bowie returned to his ship, preparing to return to Transatlasia in victory.