Brazilian Campaign

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Brazilian Campaign
Part of DRAW Your Own Story 6
Rumble in the jungle!
Pirate forces advancing on the Flying Circus
Date1 December 2006 – End of DYOS 6
LocationUnidentified island, Brazil
Result indeterminate; Flying Circus defeat expected
 Pirate Coalition
 Golden Horde
 Eastern Union
Flying Circus mk.III
Commanders and leaders
Pirate Coalition Captain Locke
Pirate Coalition Henry Morgan
Golden Horde Genghis Khan
Eastern Union Thorvald of Lym
Flying Circus Manfred von Richtofen
Flying Circus A General (defected)
Flying Circus Erwin Rommel (defected)

The Brazilian Campaign was a protracted battle between the Flying Circus mk.III and the Pirate Coalition, lasting from 1 December 2006 until the closure of DRAW Your Own Story 6. Although intended to be a self-contained episode, it attracted growing international involvement, and after Thorvald of Lym lost Internet access the situation spiralled out of control, provoking conflict between Stylesrj and other contributors that led to the thread's closure.


Following a United Nations conference in November concerning repeated pirate attacks, Captain Locke agreed to a cessation of hostilities against most of the forumers in exchange for absolute autonomy in accompanying CivGeneral's mobilization against CurtSibling. The pirates took a wrong turn and found themselves on the shores of Manfred von Richtofen's secret island headquarters in Brazil. Having not encountered anyone he had expressly been ordered not to engage, Locke commenced a raid.


The pirates encountered determined resistance at the beach, and ground troops were pinned down by a sole redoubt controlling the bottleneck further inland. Once cannon began to arrive, however, the tide turned, and the redoubt was neutralized. In what is regarded as one of the most humiliating defeats in the Flying Circus' history, pirates armed with muskets destroyed an entire regiment of Volksgrenadiers in addition to Richtofen's coveted robotic panzers.

The pirates then consolidated their position with the construction of their own fort, which was immediately attacked by Themi-Zermini via laser. Undaunted, the pirates regrouped and marched further inland.

Doubt creeps in

The German General who unwittingly put into motion civil war within the Flying Circus

The pirates were surprised to find the next German outpost passive. The commanding officer expressed his worry after communications with central control had blacked out. Unknown to either party at the time, Mjcommie had been mind-controlled, which had an effect on Richtofen that I cannot properly recall. The pirates agreed to assist the general's forces in re-establishing communications in exchange for material compensation.

At about this time, Genghis Khan approached Locke with the offer of a military alliance. Locke accepted, and the Mongols sent an expeditionary force of their own to the island. The three armies –pirate, Mongol, and German– converged at Düsseldorf Base. At about this time, Mjcommie was released from mind control, and Richtofen interpreted the joint army as mutiny. He immediately dispatched Erwin Rommel, his best general, to "sort out" the dissidents. When Rommel heard the plight of the general, it solidified his own concerns for Richtofen's state of mind, and Rommel actualized the mutiny by defecting from the Flying Circus alongside most of its elite troops. Things could have gotten real ugly at this point, but Rommel encountered Monty and the two immediately engaged in arguably the most expensive game of paintball ever conceived.

Heavy Metal

DYOS_42.png, Thorvald's unaired comic.

The pirates continued inland, but were stayed at a river by the deployment of "Mutafokker" fighter planes. Although Richtofen had finally stayed the pirates' advance, the skirmish encouraged Locke to approach Thorvald of Lym directly for aid. Although Thorvald refused, Locke made off with a number of main battle tanks and sallied forth across the river. Richtofen similarly approached Stylesrj for assistance, but he was refused. This resulted in the SA beating up Stylesrj.

With the pirate conquest of The Fork, the Flying Circus was split in half. Richtofen, growing more desperate, attempted to buy time by taking Perfectionist hostage. Thorvald, smelling opportunity, began plans for an official Union invasion, and quickly gained the support of CivGeneral. With Union troops arriving in force, Thorvald assumed command of the four separate armies, smashing Richtofen's defensive line and cornering the Flying Circus in West Port. With the capture of Richtofen's fiancée Magicians Bargainer, Thorvald delivered an ultimatum for the surrender of the Flying Circus.

The End

With the closure of DRAW Your Own Story 6, the Brazilian Campaign was implicitly ended. The episode established Captain Locke's Pirate Coalition as a formidable military organization, and seemingly discouraged paramilitary organizations on the part of Richtofen in future threads.

Unaired Final Comic

A final comic by Thorvald in which Vyacheslav Molotov explained that the Circus was beaten was not uploaded, due to his loss of an Internet connection for a short time during which DYOS 6 was closed. To this day, he believes it might have saved the thread from early closure, since his inability to upload it caused the Circus to last a bit longer. As the Circus's existence was one of the main reasons for people flaming in the thread, this comic, ending the Circus, might have also ended the fights, or at least delayed the end for a few more pages and made the ending a bit better.

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