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Dr. Wallace Breen
In order to be true to our nature, and our destiny, we must aspire to greater things. We have outgrown our cradle. It is futile to cry for mother's milk, when our true sustenance awaits us among the stars. And only the universal union that small minds call 'The Combine' can carry us there. Therefore I say, yes, I am a collaborator. We must all collaborate, willingly, eagerly, if we expect to reap the benefits of unification. And reap we shall.
Dr. Breen as Enclave President, Plans Within Plans.
First appearanceDRAW Your Own Story 10
Created byValve Corp.
Portrayed byRobert Culp (voice)
Roger Guay (facemap)
Date of birthUnspecified
NationalityEnclave Symbol (Fallout 3).png Enclave
Combine main symbol.svg Combine
President-for-Life of the Enclave
In office
ca. October 2009 – 30 January 2011
Preceded byPosition created
Succeeded byPosition abolished
Premier of the Combine Empire
In office
Unknown – ca. July 2009
DeputyMara Jade
Preceded byUnknown
Succeeded byNikita Brezhnev
"What's next in this parade of constant interruptions?"
— Wallace Breen, shortly before at least two dozen people arriving in the Gem chamber

Dr. Wallace Breen is the chief antagonist in Half-Life 2. He was premier of the Combine Empire during DRAW Your Own Story 10, in which he oversaw General Grievous's hunt for the Gem,[1] and the ensuing Combine–Coruscant War. Breen took a more direct command of the hunt later in the thread, culminating in the invasion of Arrakeen that ended in a crippling defeat and Breen's own capture.[2] He was replaced by Nikita Brezhnev following the signing of the Treaty of Arrakis.[3]

Breen re-emerged as President for Life of the Enclave in Part II, a Combine puppet created to act as a second front in the Third Nazi War.[4] Breen orchestrated the kidnapping of CivGeneral and his adventure party early into the war, revealing he had lost faith in the Universal Union and proposed joining forces against the Combine Bloc, but was turned down.[5] The Greater German Space Reich's failure to reinforce the Enclave in the Battle of the Bulge resulted in retrenchment into the South Pacific in 2010 and a desperate counter-offensive into Japan later that year.[6] Again receiving no reinforcement, the invasion collapsed and Breen was captured, formally surrendering the same day.[7]


Breen was revealed to be the leader de jure of the Combine during the Battle of Fort Schmerzen[1], chastising General Grievous for persistent failure to debrief Mr. Toyoda. After Grievous' defeat, Breen tasked Mara Jade with most of the groundwork while he continued his administrative work from the comfort of his headquarters. He personally oversaw the campaign to acquire the Gem[8] and guided the interrogation of J.C. Reitan[9]. Breen and a small bodyguard made planetfall on Arrakis,[10] but his men were killed by the Gem's powers and Breen was captured by the Coruscanti forces shortly afterward[2].

DYOS 10.5

With the Gem campaign a disgrace, Breen was dismissed from his post as premier and spent the next month in political limbo. He was later reinstated as the leader of the Enclave, a Combine subfaction, providing him a second chance to prove his worth by defeating the "Gargantua" and driving the Coruscantis from Earth.[4]

"What you're saying could be construed as treason."
— CivGeneral

Breen tasked CivGeneral's and Samus' respective doppelgängers, CG-X and SA-X, to bring the protagonists to Enclave headquarters.[4] There, he attempted to win CivGeneral to his side with a polite request to join the Enclave that at face value appeared ludicrous. Breen then disclosed his private concerns for the Combine Bloc and the long-term viability of the Enclave. He claimed that not only was he willing to turn coat, but that he had the power to start an insurrection within the Combine empire itself. His rationale for this unusual reconsideration of loyalty was that he was attempting to redeem himself before "a power greater than any of us put together."[5] CivGeneral, suspicious of his motives, declined the offer, and a disheartened Breen left him to the doppelgängers. Following a Storm Commando assault on the command centre, Breen vacated the area.

Following persistent losses in the Pacific, Breen engineered an all-or-nothing assault on the Coruscanti command base of Japan.[6] The attack proved a failure, and with Enclave generals surrendering en masse, Breen went into hiding in an adult book store in Kamakura. He tried to get help from Nikita Brezhnev, who told him blankly that he and the Enclave had outlived their usefulness, and that he could expect no further assistance.[7] Shortly thereafter, Breen was apprehended by Marsha Conrad and taken into custody. He was charged with treason and sentenced to life imprisonment.[11]

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Government offices
New office President of the Enclave
Position abolished
Preceded by
Premier of the Combine Empire
Succeeded by
Nikita Brezhnev