Brotherhood of Nod

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Not to be confused with the Brotherhood of Mod

This article is on the notorious glorious Brotherhood of Nod, the fanatical terrorist organization military-religious order and the primary antagonists protagonists of the Command & Conquer game franchise. The Brotherhood and its members has made several cameo appearances in DYOS. The Brotherhood is usually plotting planning something in the background, or on some sort of quest.

As I am too confused/sick/falalalala/tired/lazy to write, I have transfer this task to a Nod foreman enlightened officer in charge of propaganda and brainwashing public relations. Read Believe the following article with caution confidence, for although I don't know what he is going to write here, I am sure that much all of it will probably be some jingoistic hogwash the ultimate truth.

The Brotherhood of Nod

Welcome, in the name of Kane, to the article of the Brotherhood of Nod on DYOS Wiki. Here, we shall brief you, our guest, on the fundamentals of our organization, including our identity, our mandate, our faith, and our leader, the Great Messiah, Kane.

An Illustrious History

The beginnings of our sublime Brotherhood can be traced back many millenia, to 1800 BC. Our visionary leader, Kane, has long guided our Brotherhood and our faith through the test of history and the turmoil of the modern world. For a long time, the Brotherhood have been operating underground; however, this did not mean that we were incapable.

Rather, the Brotherhood has always been there, a light where there is only darkness, giving hope to the hopeless. The brothers and sisters of Nod have always been present in society, and they carry out the Brotherhood's missions, help the needy, and spread the Way of Nod. However, we have felt that the time was not right for our faith to be known in the open. We have been looking for a message, a sign.

It came on one fateful day in 1995, when Tiberium arrived on Earth, just as our Prophet Kane has predicted. The arrival of these magnificent and valuable green crystals, which became established throughout the globe, provided the opportune moment for the Brotherhood to emerge.

Our Mission

The Brotherhood believes the future of humankind lay in Tiberium. We have perfected the technology - the Technology of Peace - to harvest Tiberium and process it for the benefits of all civilization.

With Tiberium's arrival, we know that Ascension is at hand. Lead by our Prophet Kane, the Brotherhood shall pave the way for a bright future for our species.

However, earthly matters prove troubling. Our ultimate goal - our noble endeavor - cannot be achieved when the world remained tainted by inequality, corruption and slavery. There have always been foremen, overlords and tyrants, who lived off the labor of others. They believe that, somehow, they deserve to lord over others, to take from others to satisfy their own miserable greed. They got to the top by trampling on the bodies of countless of their fellow man, sustained by what they have stolen by from them.

Today, in the modern world, the chief perpetrator of the crimes against humanity - and crimes against God - is the so-called Global Defense Initiative. They called themselves guardians of civilization - and us terrorists - but they are really a corrupt cabal of the rich and powerful, lying to the world while at the same time using force to keep the affluent but decadent and degenerate few - themselves - at the top while the masses continue to slave away at the bottom.

Such injustice the Brotherhood cannot, and do not tolerate. We have always provided for the poor and downtrodden as best we can, fighting for equality and to rid the world of injustice. In fact, universal brotherhood is what we strive towards, for it is only right that all of us live free, with dignity and in peace and security.

Now, with the arrival of Tiberium - a gift from God - we can change the world. The oppression, repression and corruption of these greedy, debauched few need not continue.

We shall overthrow the cancer known as GDI.

We shall light the way to salvation for all the people of the world.

Guided by the interests of the people, our most honorable principles, and, above all, the vision of our leader, Kane, we shall be victorious. But we need you.

Join our struggle, so we may fight, together, to ensure a wonderful future for all of mankind, so that we may liberate ourselves from suffering and tyranny, so that we may fulfill our dreams.

One vision! One purpose! Peace through power!