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Bryyo Orbit.jpg
Bryyo as seen from space
Discovery date 10 Years before the events of Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. [1]
Physical characteristics
Mass ~= Tatooine
Story data
Notable features Pools of Fuel Gel and other petrochemicals
Affiliation 22px Republic of Coruscant

The planet Bryyo (nicknamed Coruscant's Texas) is a Coruscanti-held planet, rich in fuel gel and other sources of petrochemicals. It is the sole source of interstellar traffic on Space Route 66 in the Outer Rim territories.


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According to GF data records on the planet, only 4% of the surface of Bryyo is habitable. Due to the planet's alignment 48% of the planet is shrouded in permanent night, where the other 48% is perpetually exposed to the sun. This is likely as a result of last ditch efforts by the Lords of Science to preserve the remaining, habitable areas of their planet after the planetary war that occurred during the Age of Schism.

That being said, the habitable portion of Bryyo is a diverse land with rocky cliffs, thorn filled jungles, volcanic mountains and a polar region. Because of this, Bryyo is the most diverse planet Samus explores in the game, the other planets have more generic environments (for example, Elysia features a futuristic city floating over a violent sky). In addition to this, the substance known as Fuel Gel is found in abundance on the planet, most richly in the volcanic areas, as Fuel Gel was used to power most of the technology in the Bryyo civilization. Many ancient temples and abandoned facilities scour the land, relics of Bryyo's tragic history.

Bryyo Gold

"Gentlemen, I believe we've found something that's superior to Texas tea!"
— Anonymous surveyor
"OPEC, eat your heart out"
— Republic Energies CEO

The Republic of Coruscant saw Bryyo's unique energy reserves as a solution to Earth's oil crisis, and was fortunate enough to acquire the planet moments before the fall of the Galactic Federation.

Fuel Gel that is, Bryyo Gold, Bryyo tea

The privately-owned Republic Energies (previously Republic Oil) is the sole energy contractor on the planet, overseeing extraction, refining and distribution. The rationale for this monopoly was to eliminate any kind of corporate rivalry that would risk the literal destruction of the planet.

The fuel gel can be used in its refined form (removing impurities and species that live in it), or be further processed into other petrochemicals in on-site refineries. The fuel gel and its products are shipped off to various buyers by way of space supertankers.

Proceeds from Bryyonian gel sales go directly to the Coruscanti Department of Defense and Department of Energy, the former providing armed escort to the space supertankers.

Recent history

See also: Battle of Bryyo

After the Space Nazis crushed the Galactic Federation, the planet of Bryyo was transferred to the Republic of Coruscant to prevent any of the GF's planets from falling into the hands of the Greater German Space Reich. The result of acquiring the planet caused a boom in the Republic's economy and a sudden drop in gas prices.


  1. A little after the Energy Crisis of Late 2000s