CCS-class Battlecruiser

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CCS-class Battlecruiser operating in low altitude
CCS-Class Battlecruiser
Model Battlecruiser
Class CCS-Class
Length 1.782.2 kilometres (5,800 ft)
Width 861.7 metres (2,827 ft)
Height/depth 230.8 metres (757 ft)
Engine unit(s) Repulsor Engines
Armament Pulse Laser Turrets, Plasma Turrets, Energy Projector, Plasma torpedo launchers
Complement Large numbers of Choppers, Ghosts, Banshees, Wraiths, and Seraphs, and 8 Spirits or 8 Phantoms
Role(s) Heavy Assualt Craft, Transport
Affiliation Covenant
22px Zombies

The CCS-class Battlecruiser is a heavy warship used by the Covenant navy, one of several different designs of capital ships they employ. The primary use of these ships is either to transport ground forces, or to engage enemy ships, since they are quite capable of a battle in space. Another important task of theirs are Glassing operations.

The CCS-class is a long, vaguely organic-shaped spacecraft (often referred to having many bulbous sections), capable of launching dozens of fighters and dropships. Typically armed with a vast arsenal of energy weapons, it is smaller than the rarer and more powerful Assault Carriers, but larger than the more common Frigates and Destroyers, equipped with the standard energy shield generators, pulse laser turrets, and plasma torpedo launchers, and used as a main heavy warship by both Covenant Loyalists and Separatists. It is the most commonly seen, and therefore best-known, Covenant ship class in the Halo games.


These were used commonly by choxorn for travel between planets when he still had the Arbiter as his avatar. A few recently appeared in his fleet in DYOS 11's space battle against the Hacker.