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CFCMAN, based on Huayna himself

Huayna Capac357 was a one-off contributor to early DRAW Your Own Story 11. While he only posted a single comic, he remained active in the thread to August 2010, after which Thorvald of Lym assumed responsibility for his storyline. Huayna was last seen on CivFanatics in November 2012.

Under the alias CFCMAN he travelled to Poland to search for the Hacker, but his plane was intercepted by Dr. Hax.[1] By the time the dust had settled, the Hacker had moved beyond the range of his tracking device.[2] He later met up with the two pilots briefly encountered by Kan' Sharuminar, who took him to Illos; he arrived too late, learning Project Titan had been recovered and that the area was swarming with Talon mercs.[3] Undaunted, he tried to intercept the Hacker in New Port City, but arrived three months after Umbrella's raid.[4] He arrived on Xen moments after CivGeneral slew the Hacker, just in time to see Zheng He's soldiers carry away the body, leading to an emotional breakdown. In an effort to cheer him up, the pilots suggested they investigate reports of one "Hackerella".[5]


  • Thorvald intentionally crafted a running gag out of CFCMAN arriving late to the encounters. The 2010 Christmas special hints that he became manic-obsessive as the story progressed.[6]