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Does this environment suit make me look fat?
First appearance DRAW Your Own Story 10.5
Last appearance DRAW Your Own Story 10.5
Created by CivGeneral
Nickname(s) CG-X
Species X Parasite
Gender N/A, favouring Male
Date of birth 2009
Enclave headquarters, Nevada
Date of death 16 November 2014
P'yongyang, North Korea
Age N/A
Occupation Deputy commander of the Enclave
CivGeneral's evil doppelgänger
Nationality Enclave Symbol (Fallout 3).png Enclave

CivGeneral-X or CG-X was an X Parasite clone of CivGeneral created by the Enclave. CG-X and its counterpart SA-X provided proof of concept that the X Parasite could be nominally controlled, and served as prototypes for future weaponization targeting the Gargantua.[1] Using DNA imprints from stolen armour, CG-X was able to mimic CivGeneral's training and skill sets. The X-clones kidnapped CivGeneral and Co. after their sudden emergence in Nevada and brought them to Enclave headquarters.[2] When CivGeneral refused to join Dr. Breen's plot to coup the Combine Empire, the X-clones engaged him. CG-X challenged him to "fight like men" and ditch his power armour for fisticuffs. CG complied but CG-X did not, proceeding to beat him bloody and leave him for dead.[3]

After the Enclave withdrew from America, CG-X served as liaison to Manfred Hickten as he continued the hunt for CivGeneral in Europe.[4] He was later reassigned to assassinate Coruscanti chancellor Franklin Roster, concurrent with an attempt on CivGeneral's life by SA-X.[5] SA-X was captured and he would never learn her fate. CG-X participated in the Enclave invasion of Japan and assembled a FEV bio-bomb in Tokyo; he was intercepted by Motoko Kusanagi and fled the scene.[6]

With the Enclave's defeat CG-X returned to the Space Nazis and was placed in command of the Korean campaign.[7] Despite early success against South Korea, the theatre quickly collapsed once Coruscant intervened. He remained at headquarters when it was stormed by an expedition headed by Eastern Union general Kirill Gedeonin; he attempted to provoke the same duel as with CivGeneral, likely as a ploy to infect the soldiers, but Gedeonin proved equally unscrupulous and killed CG-X with an unknown biological agent.[8]


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